Condoms from Luxlite: new flavors and shapes

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The Luxlite group of companies presented the latest condoms in the Luxe and Domino lines.

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First of all, the update concerned the line of relief condoms Luxe Maxima: the shape of the antennae and color of some models changed, as well as the packaging design became more rigorous and embossed. Let’s note that Luxlite has been specializing in the production of barrier contraceptives for more than 15 years, and R&D, laboratory tests and the introduction of new production technologies are constantly carried out in the company – all so that the resulting product is of the highest quality and brings maximum pleasure.

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New condoms also appeared in the Domino Sweet Sex line – these are condoms with a pronounced aroma for oral sex. New aromas include chocolate mousse, ice cream, mango, strawberry smoothie and tropical fruits.

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Another novelty in the Domino line is Neon Green condoms that glow in the dark: after unpacking, you need to bring the condom to the light source for 10-15 minutes for the glowing effect to appear.

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All Luxlite condoms are made of natural latex, and at each stage of development and production laboratory tests and quality control measures are carried out, which allows us to call the products under the Luxe and Domino brands modern and high-tech.