Alina Shikut’ about Shanghai exhibition. Part III

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The final part will describe the booths of such brands as Leten, Nalone, Y Love, AISI, Levett, Lobanana.


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Leten’s booth looked futuristic. And the huge space showed the only novelty – “Sex Tank in Future”.

This is a masturbator looking like a space ship or a blaster from computer games. The voice of a girl called Alice speaking four languages follows the process. The item has a heating function, the specific button to turn on vibration during the cleaning, Bluetooth control and air compression technology.

This is not a regular masturbator but a bid for a male sex machine with 4D immersion.

There is no mechanism to fix the machine, you’ll have to hold it with both hands, as it seems. It must be plugged into a socket. It is not waterproof.

The very idea is good, still it needs significant improvement. Possibly, the second version will be launched next year and this one might be an innovation.

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A number of rather good toys were presented by Nalone. These are inexpensive, good-quality products with good vibration. Most attention was drawn to the vibrators of the wand-type.

Yoni is a two-ended wand with rotation. Waterproof index: IPX 5. Seven patterns of vibration. Heated up to 42°C (107.6°F).

Rocket is a touch-activated smart wand. It starts working if placed 1-2 mm away from the surface. It has 3 nozzles: two ‘rabbits’ and another one looking like the hare’s ears. Waterproof index: IPX5. Seven patterns of vibration.

Oxxy is a waterproof male masturbator with vibration that looks like a lovely penguin. It looks as if Cobra by Fun Factory were longer and had a punching bag for suck- and- pressure effect. It has Bluetooth control. It sounds while operating.

Fifi 2 is a rather intense clitoral stimulator. Looks like a pet with ears. It is 100% waterproof. It can be connected to a vibro egg. Seven patterns of vibration. Three hours of operation.

Touch 2 is a ‘rabbit’ vibrator with a sensor. In addition to the ordinary buttons, it can be controlled by pressing it with a finger. It works well in girls with high sensitivity. Operating time: 1.5 hours. It is 100% waterproof. Seven patterns of vibration.

The company announced a novelty that’s different from the rest of their products-a set of 3 clitoral stimulators imitating funny little men. Judging by their appearance, they are way ahead of all the items produced by the company. They were designed to order, the manager confessed. By now, the range has a Chinese name only, but it is known that the vibro bullets will be totally waterproof and will have 7 patterns of vibration.

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My eyes were also caught by the toys by Y Love.

They presented a fancy grenade wand with a harsh name-Albert. Who said a sex toy must look feminine? Albert proved to be rather intense and diverse as for the vibration-10 patterns. The toy is completely waterproof. Four colors are possible: purple, green, black and sky-blue. It is not pink-this fact deserves the highest appraisal. There is an alternative toy with the same functions called Baldwin.

Austin, Alisa, Alina are powerful wands of the same range. Dirk and Antony deserve specific attention. They are two-ended. Dirk can be used as a male masturbator or a stimulator for the nipples and the clitoris. Each one has 5 scales of vibration intensity.

The flexible two-ended vibrator, Avery by Y Love, caused no significant impression. The idea is ok but the fulfilment is not too good. It is very flexible but as for keeping its shell in the particular position-no way!

The company has also got many ‘rabbits’ with good vibration (Doris, Joyce) and silent rotation (Pag, Alvin, Khalifa).

The range has even got a ‘rabbit’ vibrator with beckoning function called Angelo.

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A nice device was also presented by AISI – a prostate massaging machine with the possibility of extension. It feels like saying ‘long con’. Oh, it does make inflation!

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A wide range of prostate massagers with vibration and rotation at a nice price is offered by Levett. On their booth I could find a myriad of those tiny colorful silicon nozzles to be put on the top of a vibro bullet, Blush, for example, or on a finger.

The decoration of the booth by Lobanana was irresistible, I couldn’t help to have a what’s-happening-in-there-look at it. They made it in the Japanese anime’s style and put a slot machine there, you could pull out a ball with pincers or gain a prize there. Later I discovered that the prizes were not distributed at once but they can only be sent by post to a Chinese address. So, I was deprived of the clitoral stimulator called Catpaw.

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