Alina Shikut’ about Shanghai exhibition. Part II

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In this part, Alina is talking about things that hooked her attention on the booths of the Chinese companies, such as Otouch, Yuanse, Libo (known as MoyToy in Russia).


©Alina Shikut’

Among the Chinese brands, there were numerous variations on the famous bestsellers – Cobra by Fun Factory, some contactless stimulators by Womanizer. There were even attempts of combining a Sqweel with a vibrator or a rotator. However, I could find some devices that are really unique.

The booth of Otouch offered some fantasy toys:
– mini wands called Mushroom looking like those magic mushrooms from ‘Alice in Neverland’;
– a clitoral stimulator Juliet disguised to look like a flower. Its action is similar to that of the famous dot vibrator, Zumio;
– male masturbators looking differently from the traditional imitation of female genitals-they reminded of the funny monster’s mouth-swallowing, vibrating and heated up to 45°C (113° F).

On their booth I saw a vibrating penis extender made of silicon. It can be placed under the condom and it has a remote controller installed into a wristband.

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The company Yuanse presented a curious product for the client to be engaged for a long-term relation with the brand. This is a base to be added different nozzles sold separately.

There are six options:
– a slightly curled nozzle with “ears” on its top;
– a classical curled one for G-spot stimulation;
– a ‘rabbit’ with “ears” on the external arm having two motors;
– a curled nozzle with a tiny ledge for clitoral stimulation;
– a curled dotted ‘spoon’.

Every toy from this range is equipped with a good, loud vibration. They are all waterproof: IPX5. The stuff they are made of combines medical silicon and ABS plastic. Operation time: 60-90 minutes. Weight: 183 g. All nozzles are of a berry color, a pallet that is unusual and non-trivial.

The range is not given a beautiful name in English. The products are humbly disguised under the codes of this type: V-0017-V-0022.

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Some unusually designed toys to enjoy a new sensual experience were presented by Libo. The company was established in 2012 and has been developing fast in the last three years. It is clear that the brand is following its own designing vector. In Russia, these toys are distributed under the brand called MoyToy.

The range includes almost anything you can imagine: from male masturbators and devices for prostate massage to clitoral vibrators, female pee cups and those curious inflating dildos with a suction cup.

Lottie Long Lasting Vibrators-are silky ‘rabbits’ of lovely pastel colors, very pleasant to touch. They have a heating function, 8 patterns of either powerful or soft vibration. They can be controlled remotely though a mobile phone application. Very flexible. Operation time: 60 minutes, 100% waterproof, weight: 175 g.

The complex name Maeve LBW-3010-P is used to disguise a vibrator-rotator for triple stimulation, with a suction cup and remote control. It just feels like a party! The dip part is ribbed, it has two arms for clitoral and anal stimulation. 100% waterproof. Heating function included. It has one motor and 8 vibration patterns.

The sighing Shark fascinated me. In fact, this is a ‘rabbit’ vibrator that grows in size when inflated. When the air is released back, it goes reducing in size and seems to make a sad and tired sigh as if it were saying: ‘Again with those orgasms.’

This toy has no ingenious name either. It is marked as Shar (LBW-2030-G). It has two independent motors and can be controlled from your smart phone at a distance. It is 100% waterproof. It is made of medical silicone. It has got 3 vibration patterns and 3 levels of intensity.

They are funny guys, those people who work for the company! I can find no other reason to explain the launch of Carlos (LBW-5005-P). This is a yellow chicken with an extremely prompted… butt. This toy looks quite ridiculous. On the other hand, it will never be associated with a sex toy among those who are not privy to the game.

The head can be taken off to expose a clitoral stimulator. The chicken’s butt can also be used for stimulation as it is a vibrator as well. The toy is 100% waterproof and can be controlled remotely from the smart phone.

One of the most amazing discoveries of mine was Hotice (LBW-2019-G). This is a ‘spoon’ vibrator with Cool-Hot technology. At the end of the shell there is a plate that can be heated up to 42°C (107.6° F) and cooled down to 26°C (78.8° F). The change is quite rapid-it takes only 6 seconds, the fact that makes you experience some very unusual sensations. Hotice has got 3 hot-cold patterns and 3 levels of intensity.

The male masturbator Rocco is made to imitate throat blow job. It is completely waterproof. Excellent design. Heating function included. It has 8 vibration patterns and 3 patterns of air compression. The shell is made of the same silicone that is used with the other toys. The toy can be fixed at any smooth surface, either on the bathroom tile or a kitchen cupboard or your car’s door, why not?

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One of the most beautiful toys on the exhibition was the CW. I fell in love with it just at once. This is a ‘bird’ with minimalistic design, it is a ‘2 in 1’ item: a vibrator added a vacuum clitoral stimulator.

The toy is excellent all around: the functions, the design, the stuff are all perfect. Even the catalogue is made in a way that I felt like having this toys in my collection from the first sight despite the fact that my collection is full of contactless stimulators.

The CW is just as soft as Tenga Iroha. It can be noticed that the designers were inspired by Japanese inventors. The toy is waterproof. It is offered in three pastel colors: soft yellow, sky-blue and violet. The package includes a magnetic charger and a glowing charging dock that looks like a birdcage. A lovely metaphor! It can be used as a night lamp. Besides, this toy won a Reddot Design Award 2019, a German award. It really means a lot.

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To be continued…