Lee Joo Rak: Thaifest Blitz Interview

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Lee Joo Rak (KOKOS) answers “5 short questions from sexshopers”.


Questions asked by: Marina Chicheva
Posted by: Lee Joo Rak (KOKOS)
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

What are your favorite products – yours and any other brand.

All are very valuable to me. Here, we have a new product – now I really like this line. Probably, this one is my favorite now.

What if you think about any other brand?

I like the Tenga brand, although they are not very different from our brand, but I feel some kind of individuality in them, some peculiarity. So, I really like it.

Do you go to sex shops? For business purposes or for yourself?

I only go to study the market. Because there may indeed be new products that are unfamiliar to me.

Most unexpected use of any 18+ product that you have heard of or know, the most non-standard.

I've never heard of such a thing.

That is, they take everything and use it strictly for the intended purpose?

Only to play a joke on a woman - to put on our attachment, without warning her, to humor. And so yes, I haven’t heard that much about our products.

I propose to fantasize and dream. What functions would an ideal toy of the future have?

I think that artificial intelligence technologies will be used here, of course. These will be some kind of apparatus, toys that will talk and respond like real people. Since things with artificial intelligence are already appearing in everyday life, we use them.

Personally, my fantasy is that it could be a toy, which itself would guess what a person needs. A few words in the end?

I would like to say about our brand, about the KOKOS brand, that we do not make copies, and we are a completely original brand. I hope that you will always stay with our brand.

Thanks a lot for the conversation!