Sex machine show room in Moscow

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The first and the only showroom of sex machines in Russia has been recently opened in the capital. Sergey Ivanov, the Director of "Amatus" group, has answered our questions.


You are representing a group of companies, aren't you? What sort of companies is it comprised of?

First of all, this is the company LoveMachines, with eleven-year-old history of manufacturing sex machines. Besides, there is a wholesale line, a number of both online and offline stores, a training center for intimate practice. For the moment, the opening of the showroom has proved to be the hottest piece of news, among others.

What type of items is exhibited in the showroom? Are they products of your own manufacturing?

The complete range of wholesale products is represented in the showroom. First, there are thirteen models of LoveMachines, such as Slider 2.0, a popular model among our clients, a powerful sex machine Double Slider Power, equipped with two dildos that can be managed independently, and others. They are products of the following companies: ORION, Myworld Diva, Pipedream, Sybian, Shockspot, Topco Sales and others.

The total number of the models represented in the showroom is more than forty, the price range is from 4.000 to 121 thousand rubles. All the exhibited models are well-functioning, they can be switched on to see the adjustment options, estimate the size and the way of fixing them.

Whom is this showroom meant for? Who can be a visitor?

It is meant mostly for the wholesale and retail customers, they can see the machines, but they can also make their order and pay it, here and now. The clients who have made an online purchase can use the showroom as a pick-up point. However, any person willing to have a look at our products can come to visit the place. This visit often helps to make a decision. So, even if you have never been our client, you have never made any order nor have you bought anything from our products, you can come to see the items. For example, the other day, we made a video about a premium-class sex machine, Shockspot, equipped with the items having raised its cost up to 226 thousand rubles. We posted the video in our social network group, inviting everybody to come and see this technical wonder. Within three days, more than 20 people came to the showroom just to see this expensive toy. This wonder machine had been brought for one of our clients, however, thanks to such promotion campaign, another customer showed up, the other two expressed their wish to get it, they are still in doubt, though. We plan to make fresh reviews of those expensive models the clients want to see in person before making their order.

The classical image of a sex machine is a dildo moving back and forth that is put on a mechanical structure. Is there anything completely different from this among the models exhibited in the showroom?

Of course, there is. First of all, the advanced sex machines, even those of the construction mentioned above, are enabled with a great number of adjustments which let everyone select the perfect mode for themselves. Such machines can have two dildos moving independently, but can also be added some devices for stimulating the clitoris or the nipples. Moreover, nowadays, the male versions of sex machines are being actively developed, those that imitate both oral and vaginal sex. There are models for couples, equipped with a dildo and a vagina that can operate simultaneously or independently. There are sex machines of radically different type, those that make no frictions. They are called Sybian and Saddle Deluxe. They produce an enormous vibration and make the cap rotate and the clitoris and the anal zone stimulators move.

Apart from the sex machines, actually, what can be seen and bought in the showroom?

There is a variety of associated products: a wide range of harness dildos by Doc Johnson and other brands, the Fleshlight vaginas to be installed on the sex machines, some lubes, cleaners and accessories.

Come to have a look and make your choice!

The information about the location and the contact data are available on the show room's website.