Sex and coronavirus in the media

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Especially for our readers, we have prepared a review of publications in the media on the topic of sex and coronavirus: our correspondent spent a week reading the theory and tips on this topic.


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Since the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic and the start of universal quarantine and self-isolation, the media has been filled with various articles on the topics: “coronavirus and sex”, “sex a coronavirus”, “sex for coronavirus”. Social networks also do not avoid the theme of coronavirus , quarantine and self-isolation, and support this with various “memes” such as coronasutra, the predicted surge in divorces at the end of self-isolation or the execution of the President’s plan to increase the birth rate by December. While sellers and manufacturers of adult goods, on the contrary, are seeing an increase in demand for their products, some have even stated that there are definitely enough sex toys for everyone.

Sex at coronavirus?

One of the first on this subject was the director of the regional laboratory center of the Ministry of Health of Zaporozhye, Roman Terekhov, who recommended having sex as a preventive measure of the COVID-19 disease.

Partially, sexologists also echo him, though, according to them, sex during the quarantine period will not cure the virus, but it will help relieve anxiety and spend time in self-isolation.

“With today's employment, residents of large cities often do not have enough time and energy for sex. When people are at home, the first thing they will do is sex. For almost all people, sex is a way to get rid of fears, depression and anxiety in the first place. But by sex you will not be cured of the flu or of any other viral disease. You only remove the alarm,” – said a sexologist, candidate of medical sciences, professor Alexander Poleev.

Eugene Komarovsky also echoes the sexologist, stating that “quarantine is a convenient time to organize a rise in the birth rate for the New Year.” At the same time, the doctor notes that if one of the partners is infected with another virus, then he or she can transmit it through kisses upon contact.

Adult goods sales go up during the pandemic

Apparently, citizens are listening to the advice of doctors, because, according to retailers, the demand for sex products has grown significantly.

For example, the Ozon online store notes an increase in sales of lubricants and condoms, the latter are bought by 3-5 packs for future use, erotic costumes of a nurse are also popular during the quarantine period, apparently, the topic of health care sets the tone for Russian sex games. According to network analysts, sales of 18+ products increased by 300% compared to the same period last year, and sales of erotic lingerie and costumes for games grew by 110%, sales of erotic games increased by 80%, and most often customers order "Kama Sutra" in the card game format. By the way, if your stocks have already run out, we recall that neither the pandemic, nor the falling of the ruble did not stop the work of wholesale companies.

If you run out of ideas, then in this article you can find a selection of those for the period of quarantine.

During the pandemic, sales of hand antiseptics have skyrocketed, but doctors strongly warn that sanitizers should not be used instead of lubricants. It turns out that such cases have already been recorded, in some they even ended up in hospitalization. The editors of are also surprised by the fact of using antiseptics, when there is a the huge selection of lubricants.

Coronavirus and adult films

The situation around COVID-19 was reflected in the video industry.

The first to respond were Porhub, which provided free premium access to residents of Italy, where the pandemic is most acute now. We sincerely hope that this helped the Italians not to lose their spirit.

The theme of coronavirus has already been reflected in commercials for adults: on the thematic portals you can find more than a hundred videos on this request, some of them even advocate ways to protect against a new infection.

However, adult film studios are still sounding the alarm: the pandemic threatened to close the studio in the United States and Canada, where actors were asked to suspend filming until the end of March. As a result, about two thousand actors were forced to go on unpaid leave.

At the same time, Russian adult film actress Lola Taylor was so tired of quarantine that she promised “free sex for the vaccine”.

In the meantime, Russians continue to enter the regime of self-isolation and home-office, but some have already shown that working at home can be very boring. Yekaterinburg photographer Dmitry Emelyanov made a very erotic photo project on the topic of self-isolation. We hope that these photos will also cheer you up. (Editor’s note – We also selected a photo to illustrate this article from a project by Dmitry Emelyanov.)