Industry 2022: X-Market

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Vadim Khimich, CEO of X-Market company, told how the company is looking for new solutions in the current situation.


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Sexshopers continues to monitor the industry and communicate with market participants. Next in line is Vadim Khimich, X-Market:

We can say that we are lucky. We managed to take two containers right before the start of the Special Operation. Therefore, there are goods in warehouses, and there are a lot of them. There is also time to develop tactical decisions.

At the moment, we and our partners are in a situation of the information gap. Much will depend on the banking sector and logistics companies. Naturally, we are in regular working contact with them. I think that with the collapse of the national currency by almost 50%, no one is able to keep the rise in prices. Our policy on this issue has been unchanged for many years: we assume a significant part of exchange rate losses.

The refinancing rate will not be reflected in any way. We do not work on credit money and intend to keep this good tradition. For the rest, we rely on our Lord Jesus Christ, the intercessor of the Virgin Mary and the holy great martyr John of Sochava, the patron saint of fair trade.

We thank X-Market for the prompt response.