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The management of Kazanova69 shares its vision of the economic situation in 2022.


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At the beginning of March, the company sent out an information letter to its partners, informing them that Kazanova69 maintains product prices, as well as all agreed partnership conditions: deferrals, discounts, bonuses, thereby ensuring stability in the 18+ market.

“At any time of crisis, goods for love acquire the status of essential goods among the population. We recommend that you tune in yourself and set up your employees for this. Despite the complexity of the situation, we receive daily support and understanding from our partners from all over the world, who value our long-term business and personal relationships. They speak warmly of Russia. We are preparing for any development of events, but we believe in the best!” – stated in the letter.

Continuing to monitor the situation on the market, we talked with the management of Kazanova 69.

What difficulties have arisen in connection with the sanctions?

There is only one difficulty – sharp changes in exchange rates, which over time will inevitably affect prices in Russia. While goods in electronics stores and other areas, including those of our colleagues in the market, have already doubled, we maintain prices for all goods in stock.

What is the supply situation? Do you have enough goods in stock? Are you working on alternate options in this direction?

Deliveries continue. Various delivery options in the event of additional bans are being developed.

Are there internal agreements with foreign partners on how to continue working in the current conditions?

The work continues until we see no difficulties either in logistics or in monetary circulation. Now we see great interest from our partners in our business and personal interaction and receive their full support.

Will you be able to maintain the pricing policy or have you already raised your prices?

We keep prices. Price increases are expected only for goods that will be purchased at the new prices. The relationships we have built with manufacturers and the financial system of the company allow us not to fall into the trap of foreign exchange debts.

How do consumers react to the current situation, what is happening with demand?

The product is the best investment today. For clients, this is an opportunity to save money and invest in their business. For buyers – an investment in their health, family and personal well-being. We don’t see any hype, as in electronics, but we don’t see an outflow either. We continue to advertise, invite buyers to purchase goods (which we consider essential goods), work with the mood – now this is important.

Will a change in the refinancing rate to 20% affect your activity, and how exactly?

By no means.

Thanks for the replies!

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