Erosklad is put up for sale for 445 thousand euros

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Two retail shops, and, with more than fifty-four million roubles in turnover-the point reached in 2017, are put up for sale, as well as two offline shops in the centre of Moscow, together with the wholesale business directed by Evgeniy Yurchenko.


His personal appeal for public is stated below.

I, Evgeniy Yurchenko, the owner of the companies Erosklad and Eroshop, am selling my wholesale and retail business in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. The story begins in 2009, with an office of 20 square metres and a single employee. During the company's history, there were rises and falls. My online business has grown from being a small shop to become the market leader with the staff of 25 people in 2013.

To date, I estimate the company's rate on Russia's market as solid average, while in Kazakhstan we are surely the leading company. Now we've got established business processes for constant work to be guaranteed, and a team with no staff turnover.

However, currently, I hardly manage to combine both manufacturing and running a wholesale-retail company. As for manufacturing, we have recently opened the second office in Europe, and we are currently moving to a new warehouse in the USA, increasing the staffing complement of salesmen. All this is taking a lot of time.

For sure, I wish I could cover all the "hot buttons", but without an MBA degree,

it takes me unmeasurable efforts to combine wholesale and retail business in the Russian Federation with my brands on the foreign markets. To tell the truth, I am rather tired of working with such a timetable. It seems, it is worth waiting a bit to take a sigh of relief, but still it never happens.

Besides, I am so short of free time that certain dispersion of efforts and loss of focus are inevitable. Despite the fact, in 2017, our market share in the wholesale unit grew by 50%, and in the retail one-by 70%. It is all about lyrics, though.

The crucial point is that I have decided to focus on developing both production and distribution of my own brands, thus, the wholesale and the retail companies are put up for sale.

What is exactly put up for sale?

  1. The online shop and
  2. Two retail shops in Moscow
  3. The wholesale company Erosklad with a stock of goods equivalent to 120 thousand euros.
  4. A branch in Kazakhstan

Here are the details for every point mentioned above.

  1. The online shop, and Open since 2009. The turnover in 2017 reached 54.302.188 roubles. The growth in 2017 was of 67%. We deliver 1.200 orders monthly. The average purchase is of 3.800 roubles (including the items' price only, without charges for delivery). The average check across Moscow is of 4.250 roubles. The amount of goods on the website is of 25.222. The third-party suppliers are: Costume Shop, Inspirit, Kema, Kazanova, Skamata. The amount of the website's authorized users is of more than 51 thousand (e-mail accounts, telephone numbers, 30-35 thousand of them are active). Since 2009, more than 120 thousand people have made orders without any authorization, yet indicating their contact information. We've got a large number of lively and sociable audience in social media. Among the achievements during 2017, I can state the launch of the website's mobile version and the extensions httpS and http2, the take over of our rival SEXO.RU, enjoying good traffic from social media. The personnel will be ready to stay if the new owner wants them to. Moreover, within 3 moths, I am ready to personally instruct the new owner on the peculiarities and introduce him or her into the business processes to enable a flawless handover. It is not only a nice, well-established website with years of history, but a business machine on the run, with regular income. Its price is of 11.000.000 million roubles, the remaining goods are not included.
  2. Two shops in Moscow: one of them is near the metro station Pushkinskaya, the other-near Taganskaya metro station. shops/. The monthly earnings for the fourth quarter of 2017 reached the point of 1.100.000 roubles at Pushkinkaya office and of 820.000 roubles at Taganskaya shop. The two shops' total revenue of the fourth quarter of 2017 was of 5.761.468 roubles. The rent expenses are of 120.000 roubles at Pushkinskaya office and of 140.000 roubles at Taganskaya shop. There are four employees, working for the two shops. The two shops' price is of 4.000.000 roubles, the remaining goods are not included.
  3. The wholesale business

       At present, the amount of the remaining goods is equal to 120.000 euros (according to our input prices from the foreign suppliers). The figure is constantly changing due to the new inputs and shipping. The wholesale unit includes the following brands: Scala, Inverma, Leg Avenue, LELO, Eropartner, We-Vibe, Chilirose, ABS Holdings, Womanizer, Mister B, Sense Max, Lovense (Lush). As for the price... If we are talking exclusively about the buy-out of the remaining goods at their cost price, the sum will be defined by their cost price for the given day (to this day, it is of 120.000 euros). In other words, you can buy the goods at the same price the European distributors offer, with no mark-up from the Russian mediator. If you are interested in a full-value wholesale branch, including the contracts with suppliers, logistics, the client base, the managers, than the indicated price is added 50.000 euro. The client base, shaped year-by-year, along with established relations, a great number of foreign contracts for the exclusive distribution (as in the case of LELO), the maximum discount and the payment delay for the term from two to four months, both adreed with the other distributors-all this could be of your specific interest. Naturally, the new owner will enjoy the same working conditions.

  1. The branch in Kazakhstan (Almaty). It follows the same business model as the Moscow unit: an online shop, a wholesale shop and a retail one. Here the earnings are of lower scale, due to a more modest market size. The turnover in 2017 was of 12.000.000 roubles. The remaining goods' value is of 45.000 euros. If we are talking about the goods only, the selling price will be of 45.000 euros. In case you want a well-functioning business (the client base, the shop, the office and the staff), the price will be of 60.000 euros.

This is a brief description of what is now for sale. The price range is also stated. The complete set of business units and each point separately are available for buying. 

The more detailed information is shared upon request by Evgeniy Yurchenko, +7(967) 0522198,