An interview with a webcam model

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Who are webcam models and how do they become what they are? Is it really easy money? What is their arsenal of sex toys? We talked to a webcam model who asked not to reveal her nickname and a real name.


Russian version

First things first: in connection with the situation in the world, have webcam models become more in demand?

Well, rather there is a different situation: traffic has increased, but not significantly, but the income of models that hang on the site below the third page has greatly reduced. About 70-80% of the site’s traffic is on the first page, on the first three – 90% if not more. And the are fr om 55 to 85 pages on the site (4500-7000 cameras at the same time). As a result, successful webcam models earn more due to traffic growth. The members themselves (viewers – editor’s note.) Say that in connection with the crisis they now pay only to their favorite girls fr om the first page, and stop donating the rest – they save. As a result, the site’s revenue has grown many times, but income of models who are not on the top have fallen. At the same time, the minimum threshold for entering the TOP100 rises.

Are there any statistics on the income of webcam models? has statistics. It is not reliable, since there are nuances: earnings in private are not taken into account, it is impossible to establish what amounts are fictitious (models pay themselves from other accounts for promotion), and it is also impossible to determine the share of money-laundering through models. However, the overall picture of the largest site at the moment is visible. It is curious that the richest girls of the site according to statistics keep earnings at the same level in this situation.

How do they become models?

This happens in every way: through deception, through advertising on social networks, through inspiration of someone else's example. I once gave an interview, and then I found out that after watching it, some girls went into this business.

Through deception?

In 2011, I was deceived: a girl invited me to work part-time with those “in need of communication”. Like, “pensioners and lonely people all over the world dream of communicating with someone and we help them”.

I suspected something was wrong on the spot, but I had to check: I didn’t understand what they wanted from me, but I realized that clearly I was not here to talk. I was frightened and left immediately. Then I still did not know much about it. In fact, if I had been told honestly in detail and with all the risks, now think I would have been getting good money, but they scared me off. Somewhere deep in me this information dwelt for many years in the form of doubts and questions. So by 2017, I realized that I would try again with understanding. Then there were changes in life, and in the spring of 2018 I bought a laptop, the future husband brought the camera, and I started working.

That is, the husband is in the know and even helps? Does he have anything to do with this business?

I somehow dropped a word that there is such a job and we began to discuss the matter. He said that this is better than grinding away for a small salary, for example, in a store. I would sit at home, do chores, cook dinner, and earn money all in one. My husband helps me: we discuss it, exchange ideas, but he does not participate in streaming.

 Do you work from home? You are not offered a “roof”?

 I work from home. The roof was often offered, and they still do sometimes, but Russian roofs are leaking. Not only will you give from 10 to 50% of the earnings, but there’s no guarantee they will support you, they can cheat, they can flood your “room” with bots (the site bans for this forever without paying any money). I don’t know how abroad, but I have not heard of a reliable roof for models in Russia.

Once I tried a virtual studio (a site that unites a group of models – editor’s note). Things went well, as I was a newbie there. An account was registered for me, and a week later the whole studio became banned. As the owner says: one of the girls did not look legal. Well, she had to be registered separately! The site banned everyone, including me, simply because I had something to do with them. It was very disappointing, and I decided that it was my last time.

Then I tried to agree to work for a percentage, provided that I pay the percentage, not they pay me, but no one is ready to allow the model to be independent. If you own an account, then you have leverage, and if you also have documents on it, then you have a direct path to blackmail and threats. The girls are naïve and gullible, they think that their friends will find out and their life is over... This is how these “roofs” exist. And those who leave are released only if they pay interest for the rest of their life and without support, or with the loss of an account, which means that everything must be started from scratch, the entire client base is with the others. This account will go to another girl who did not bother promoting it.

That is, girls should not be led to the apparent ease of such earnings?

I want to answer categorically: NO! But I met girls who themselves said that it was all easy money. Here both sides are correct. In most cases, it won’t be easy: it looks like Russian roulette, wh ere the one who was shot was lucky. There are only a few of them, and if they do not miss their luck, then it is easier for them to earn good money even with minimal resources and costs. But basically it's not like that.

Why do girls go to webcam models?

It is interesting that some of them do it because their life is hard, and many girls are very purposeful. It’s a stereotype that all models are stupid whores. In fact, many dream of business, save up to buy an apartment, raise children, help their parents, plan to move abroad. Girls here often have more goals in life than ordinary “decent” people. And quite often, models say: "And wh ere else in Russia can you earn so much while taking care of yourself, family and travel." There are many educated and kind girls who are vulnerable and some people treat us as if we are disposables-humiliate, offend, blackmail. Sometimes such “immoral” girls have more decency than those who stand for “morality”. It is interesting to observe.

So the essence of the process is masturbation on camera?

The essence is entertainment. This is communication, eroticism, teasing, and arousal of a person in various ways. You do everything for him to thank you. Sometimes friendly correspondence is enough, sometimes you use dildo-tentacles (toys that look like tentacles of fantasy animals in anime – editor’s note), but the truth is somewhere in between. Either you are a star girl, or a mystery, a mistress, or a neighbor who is flirting, well, or you are a guy. In any case, the essence is rather in entertainment with a bias towards sex. Hook a man so that he wants to give you everything. This is my problem: I can not understand the psychology of those who watch it.

What should a model be like in order to unwind: young, beautiful, pumped up? Or is it enough just to be a good actress?

 First of all, charisma and ability to communicate are important. I personally know the pain of how difficult it is to lift these. The solvent audience is foreigners, and you need to be able to present yourself if you do not know the language, and if you know, you simply must be able to entertain them. Knowledge of English gives a very big head start. So first – acting, and only then – body. Naturally, slender and well-groomed girls are liked by guys more, but there are also many lovers of juicy curvy ladies, and the ability to demonstrate maximum advantages for the one who came for this is also important.

If you watch the girls from the TOP100, then you can find the most diverse representatives of the genre there: we are all very different, and for every one there is a connoisseur.

How important is an arsenal of toys? It is clear that they must be controlled remotely, and what other qualities of devices are needed?

Depends on the style. For example, there are girls without toys and those who do not even undress or take off their clothes rarely, and you need to try very hard for this. But on average, for a start you need Lovense Lush, a dildo, an anal plug if a girl does it. Now the members are very fond of Lovense Domi, because it is a wild thing (they say that Hitachi is just as powerful, but I did not check it). So guys like Domi. Fuck-machines and dolls are now becoming popular. Vacuum and stylish toys are completely uninteresting. Member wants the size to come in and out, and they don’t understand the rest. The pleasure of the model does not interest them either.

There are girls who specialize in unusual and gigantic toys, such as “Bad dragon”, the arsenal is important for these girls. But for most, only Lovense Lush and the dildo are enough.