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Asthma is a chronic, non-infectious respiratory disease. How to combine sex and asthma, blogger Alpha told us.


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About 10% of you have asthma, statistics tell me. Conventional logics adds that a few more of you are in relationships with people with asthma. Common sense and a few interviews read on the topic state that all of this together means a lot of difficulties during sex. So here is a small selection of recommendations to keep such problems as small as possible.

If your partner does not yet know that you have asthma, try to tell him\her about it. Even if there have been no attacks for a long time, and you do not like talking about your own diseases, it is still worth warning so as not to catch anyone by surprise. Believe me, learning about a serious illness of a dear person in itself is not very pleasant, but facing this fact during sex is twice as stressful.

Studies show that many are embarrassed about their diagnosis and are embarrassed to use an inhaler during a date or intercourse. This should also be avoided if possible: stress kills libido in 9 out of 10 cases, our health problems are often not our fault. In addition, asthma can be an endless source of silly yet pleasant compliments like, “You take my breath away!”

How to talk about your asthma? Directly and to the point. For example, like this.

1. I have asthma, and sometimes agitation triggers an attack. I know how to deal with this, I just want to warn you.

2. Let's change our position / slow down for a minute / ventilate the room? It’s getting hard to breathe for me.

3. Please wait. Can you hand me the inhaler first, just in case? It's on the nightstand.

List your triggers and try to minimize their impact. The following can cause an attack during sex:
– dust from the pillow;
– pet hair;
– a bouquet of flowers;
– perfume of a partner;
– a flavoring agent for sex cosmetics (lubricant, stimulating spray, massage oil);
– latex condoms;
– strong emotions, including the stress of awkwardness;
– physical activity.

By the way, scientists have linked high estrogen levels and estrogen-containing contraceptives with an increased risk of asthma. If this information is relevant to you, it may be helpful to change your contraceptive method. But even if you remove all risk factors (physical activity during sex, if desired, can be reduced to almost zero), still keep the inhaler at the scene – just in case.

If an attack hits you during sex, proceed as usual. Sit down and get a breath from the inhaler. If breathing does not return to normal even after 10 puffs, it is worth discussing this with your doctor

How do I tell the doctor? Again, straightforward and to the point:

1. Lately, this medicine has been of lesser help. It does not relieve an attack for a long time during physical activity, including during sex. Maybe I should change the drug?

2. My asthma and my sex life are bad for each other. Can you recommend me how to deal with this?

Breathe more evenly, our dear readers, and enjoy life!