Woody Allen in Yekaterinburg

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In the capital of the Urals, a bold play by an American writer about problems in sexual relations will be staged. The performance is intended for persons over 18 years of age.

Text: Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

The premiere of the play “Mirror Over the Marital Bed” will take place on October 19. This is the first theatrical performance in Russia based on a play by an American writer, film director and a four-time Oscar winner.

In fact, these are just two plays “Central Park West” and “Old Saybrook”, combined into one performance. By the way, these plays were copyrighted by Woody Allen. The name of the play – “Mirror Over the Marital Bed” – was one of the stories shown on stage: in order to refresh their sexual relations, the spouse has a desire to hang a mirror over the bed, but his wife does not support him in this... Although she later implements this idea with a lover, and at the very climax this mirror falls on them.

“The action takes place in Manhattan among typical successful New Yorkers who, like us, live their own lives: they suffer, love, get jealous, have sex, fight and argue a lot about sex, marriage, psychoanalysis and cheating. All these topics are relevant now, but few are ready to talk so openly and at the same time with humor about it from the theater stage. And we took a chance!” – the producer and actor Artyom Aksyonov comments on the production. “In general, the performance is about daring sexual fantasies that people are not ready to talk about. Everyone has something that they want to try in sex, but do not risk it. We reject our desires, we do not want to admit them: this is not modest, not natural, perverse, but in fact, there is nothing wrong with it, especially if it does not go beyond the marital relationship.”

By the way, sex toys, which is also a very bold move for the theatrical stage, will become the “characters” on the stage.

Let us remind you that earlier in Yekaterinburg there was already an experience of interaction between culture and the 18+ theme.