What's new at EroExpo?

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Alexander Zilberman, the project's Director, told us about what makes the 9th b2b exhibition, EroExpo, different from the previous ones. He also invited the visitors to sign up and plan their participation in the event.


Alexander Zilberman: Usually, I don't like to anticipate an event, I try to avoid jinxing it and let everything go the right way as intended yet keeping people under suspense. At the same time, I can’t resist making a preview in order to attract people, especially, those from the other cities. Muscovites and the people from the Moscow region and the neighborhood seem to be quick of the mark. They can get a ticket, come to work and go away on the same day. For those from the distant regions, it proves to be a costly process. It involves travel tickets, accommodation and the necessity of leaving their business unsupervised for several days. So, timely advertisements of the exhibition events are important, they help to arise people's interest to let them plan their schedule and get ready for the visit. 

In general, all our projects are similar, but we are striving to improve every of the coming exhibitions, add them something new. What are the peculiarities of the 9th exhibition? This one is held on the eve of the 10th anniversary, and my specific task is to try some new ideas we never tried earlier, thus, we aim to get to the 10th exhibition with a new event format. What do I mean?

First of all, we have moved to another pavilion. This   construction is specific, it has no pillars, it allows us to use the space effectively. It has 2000 square meters, to date, we feel pretty crowded there, for example, we used to take only 1200-1500 square meters earlier. There is a big parking next to the pavilion.

Second, we've got the General Sponsor this year, this is a German company, Satisfyer, which plans to put an exclusive stand covering 75 square meters. I'd like to stress that this company has been both a participant and a sponsor of all big international exhibitions in the recent years. Of course, we hope that their participation in EroExpo will become an effective enterprise and will serve as an example to other Russian and foreign companies. 

This year, we have highlighted the Asian zone. We expect some companies, from five to seven, to confirm their participation. 

We are going to have a participant from New Zealand. This is the company Indollgence, they make life-size dolls. We hope, their products will adorn the exhibition and will please our audience. 

We have always tried to pay a specific attention towards the seminars' program. One part of them is traditionally prepared with the help of our participants. This year, the company Sexprosvet will also help me. They do it with professionalism, they've got amazing lecturers, the program must be interesting. We will try to address new subjects, never covered before. 

Now we are hosting one more new non-profile company-Interactive Group. Their specialization is finding digital solutions for business: video walls, LED video screens, information stands and other interactive technologies. With their help, we are going to try two digital panels. One is small, with the current schedule of the seminars, the daily routine on it. The other one is a huge monitor where we are going to place advertisements from our participants and partners. This is a kind of additional visual tool we never had before. 

The new pavilion is a separate building and now it is located on the territory of the Sokolniki Exhibition Center, and not in the Sokolniki park zone as last year, this fact will make things much easier as for the parking and the arrival of the participants. On October, 18th, the eve of the exhibition's opening, our Participants will be able to arrange their stands since 10 o'clock a.m. and the pavilion will be open till late evening. We expect to avoid any difficulties and queues.

How many visitors do you expect to see?

Last year, there were 720 visitors, the statistics of the recent years says, the guests' number tends to rise by 10-15% in comparison with the previous exhibition.

We will be glad to host all the sexshopers of the country and the foreign guests!

The contribution of our Promoters-the company Andrej, Bior-Opt and Fun Factory, deserve special mention. I appreciate their help during the exhibition's arrangement and their support for the development of the whole branch. 

I also thank the industrial portal sexshopers.ru and Marina, personally, for having provided high-quality evidence and publications, including those about the project of ours!