What is TAIF-2019 going to be like?

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Vitaly Moroz, the President of the festival's organizing committee answered the questions on our portal.


Vitaly Moroz: I extend a warm and cordial welcome to all the sexshopers of our country and those from all over the world, everyone who knows me and those who don't! I will answer any question of yours.

Both the date and the place of the festival are set definitely, aren't they? Can they be changed furthermore?

As for the date and the place, they are finally fixed, no return. A nine-day and a twelve-day tour packages will be offered. Other options are also possible, with more or less days of stay, but these specific packages will be available on individual basis only. There will be many people, they can't be made uniform, but we are going to please everybody. The festival's official opening date is the 10th of March. The inauguration is to begin at 7 o'clock p.m., on the red carpet of RAMADA Hotel's riverfront, in Bangkok. Let me save the details for later. Oh, yes! Girls are expected to be wearing evening gowns and the boys are supposed to save their shorts for the beach. 

Selecting the festival's name, have you deliberately made it sound in tune with the word "high"? (This is the first idea that comes to my mind).

It wasn't our intention. But, once it came out that way, we will do all the possible to make it happen. First of all, let me present the festival' slogan: "Go for TAIF, get a high!" 

What are the terms for participation in the festival? How much does it cost? Are the terms different depending on the company's type? Are the guests divided into categories given admission to all or only part of the events?

Let's do step by step. The terms are pretty simple: the visitor is to have both desire and budget. I'll tell you right away that the figures are being shaped, and in the near future they will be sent to any person who showed interest to our forum. 

The terms will be the same for everyone: the manufacturers, the distributors, the suppliers. We are going to offer equal terms. This is our main difference from any other exhibition event, where someone can overcome others as for the area of the stand. For other participants, only the terms regarding the preference for plane tickets and stay will vary. 

The admission to the festival’s program will be given to every visitor.

Is any kind of work expected in such a paradise-like Thai atmosphere? Is it a merry, purely recreational event held to join the colleagues? 

Some work will be done, it is inevitable. A cheerful vacation is a must-have, and you can't imagine how great it will be! The working part is going to be incidental. Nobody will make others do anything. It is up to the companies how to draw the guests' attention, what message to send them, what style to choose for this sake. The organizing committee can only help the companies to fulfil their ideas, but the companies are to do it themselves. Thus, I call the companies for considering the advantages of some unusual thinking. If you are well-prepared for the festival, people will remember you. And if so, the result is sure to come. Trust my experience. 

I'd like to mention the hotels of the festival. Apart from being gorgeous, they all had been personally examined for minute details, problems and nuances. In Bangkok, it is RAMADA Hotel, located at the river, it has incredibly delicious breakfasts, a huge, magnific swimming pool (being available round the clock for our guests) and a plenty of sunbeds. The hotel's location allows the guests to go shopping and to buy high-quality stuff. The General Manager is a handsome and thoughtful Dutchman, a true Van. This fact explains the existing level of requirements for the personnel and the service style. In Pattaya, the hotel is called SIAM BAYSHORE, being the city's best accommodation, as for its location. It is situated at the beginning of WALKING STREET, a popular attraction, so it is worth staying next to it. The hotel has got such an immense territory, that one can easily get lost in its green, tropical area with a great number of swimming pools. Within walking distance, there is a wharf, from which one can get to any of the islands. And the icing on the cake is the best disco hall located nearby. However, the complete silence reigns throughout the territory. 

Can you give me a more detailed description of the festival's working part?

Let me say it this way: the working part is included. But, instead of being a tiresome, boring, intrusive pastime, it will be interesting, informative, useful, and some guests will even find it cheerful thanks to a new format! As for the hotels, I mentioned them above. 

Is the list of the key participants or lecturers complete to date? 

We didn't mean to invite those "anchor tenants". We are going to invite all the coryphaei and elder players as well as the young, ambitious, mettlesome ones. The top slogan implies inviting all those who can be of interest, usefulness, who can be both informative and creative for the market at the moment. I will say right away: there will be pleasant surprises, not a few! To the extent that the festival is getting ready, I will share the facts with your respectful edition first of all!

Can you open the veil above the "unusual business communication format of salon type", please?

I've described the way I see it. By the way, the changing of the standard communication formats is the participants' idea. 

How many participants do you expect to see (guests, companies)?

The figure is vague, there will be about 200 people, the number of suppliers is not more than 18. This ratio is based on the experience, so, it is optimal. 

When an excursion is planned, will there be a choice whether to join it or to stay on the beach? Is the entertainment program obligatory? Will there be a place to hide from the events, on the ship or on a desert island?

We are going to provide total freedom and high respect towards everyone's interests. However, it is obligatory not to be late for the flights and the common transfers. And it is important for those who travel by themselves not to be late for the festival's opening on the red carpet, the individual terms of travelling are optional. Everyone will take part in the opening ceremony. Everyone, exactly!

The festival enjoys any sponsorship, doesn't it? If not, do you plan to cover the expenses with the money the guests will spend during the event? 

We welcome everything, unless it is contradictory to the unifying spirit of the festival!

What is the similarity and the differences between TAIF and Thai Fest?

They are similar as for the country where both are held, they coincide in time and they have got the same "procreator".

The differences are multiple. Thai Fest was established as a means to hit the competitors and it was the product of one single company (similar projects are developed by many companies at the moment). The idea of TAIF-2019 will have a function of bringing people together, no matter how pathetic and loud it may sound. It is organized by companies not belonging to the adult industry, their status is neutral. But the suppliers can easily use TAIF for their own purposes, working close to the retail customers until March of the following year. A great number of new ideas will be presented on TAIF, about the elements, the service of the program and concerning the places and cities where the festival is held, while the country is not a new thing. 

For many years, the majority of the market players have been expressing their desire to put EVERYBODY together at the same place, on equal basis, in a warm and comfortable environment, acceptable for most of the guests. In this season, it is hard to find anything better for a big retreat festival than the Kingdom of Thailand. The leading airlines' regular flights, splendid hotels, experienced, very flexible co-hosts -that's what you will get!

Go on TAIF, get a high!