The second day of the Ero Expo exhibition

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The second day of the Ero Expo exhibition is remembered by its interesting seminars, the prize drawing and a vivid party at the end of the day.


In the morning, when the stands are not yet crowded, one can come closer to have a look at every piece, examine it up and down and ask the agent about its properties and characteristics.

At the stand Lucky Pepper the visitors are suggested testing the virtual reality glasses, loaded with educational games for adults. We feel a bit dizzy, since it is so unusual to manage the reality using the sight force. We wish we could lay down to penetrate the caracter's body and act on his behalf. The company Humble is showing their novelty-a pump with automatically regulated changing pressure. The changing compression force inside the pump makes it move automatically, being a perfect imitation of a sexual intercourse. It seems thrilling. Sayberx has got a novelty for men too. A masturbator, being both the penis' stimulator and a perfect imitator of an intercourse, thanks to the movement, made by a specific plunger. The company has found an agile way: the toy is presented by a half-naked man, with his body being so perfect! Just walking by, the ladies' eyes are immediately stuck to his muscular body.

The second day's seminars are held in the conference hall. It was interesting to attend the speech of Kulgavchyuk A. Evgeniy, a sexologist, who persuaded the audience to use intimate cosmetics, speaking about it in a light and compelling manner. The company kGoal Russia talked about an exceptional excercise machine for women. Afterwards, Dmitriy Korobitsyn described the dropshipping scheme, offered by his company-"Postavschik Schastya".

After a lunch break, the seminars went on, with a lively report by Maks Liubimov about the cooperation among online shops and their suppliers. The report was followed by a speech of Makarova V. Ekaterina, talking about the use of sextoys in the married life.

At the same time, the exhibition hall has become a stage for multiple activities and the prize drawing. Kazanova 69 joined everybody to dance Sirtaki. It was followed by the prize awarding from "Joy Division", together with a dance contest. An acrobatic etude, mixed with the performer's great enthusiasm, gained the prize. Then, the company Astkol, awarded their biggest prize (a tourist package for Thai Fest), together with two consolation prizes. At the joined stand of the "BioRhythm" laboratory and a wholesaler Bior-Opt", the Director-General of the first was congratulated upon his anniversary. Everybody was offered some wine and a big drawing of toys and small prizes, so dozens of participants were pleased.

The working day ended with a buffet, an acrobatic show and the hot dances with live music.