The party's over, the candles flicker and dim

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The 10th anniversary exhibition of the adult goods industry EroExpo-2019 is over, its light faded. The pavilion in Sokolniki is empty, the goods travelled back to companies’ office, though some found new owners, because a lot of gifts were given out!

Look through the photos in the slider, feel how bright, fun and friendly the atmosphere at the exhibition was.

Perhaps this is a feature of our industry, but when you have taken part in several exhibitions you begin to feel that you are a part of a big friendly family that gathered for a holiday. You are surrounded by the atmosphere of joy and communication, a sense of unity and genuine interest and pride in how our industry is developing, what incredible technologies are at its service.

In my opinion the exhibition has changed since last year. It would seem that there is already no room for development but the participating companies have done the impossible – booths have become larger, brighter and more interesting.

The booth of the «Andrey» company (the founder and organizer of the exhibition) was a huge space with sculptures and a second floor, which, sadly, I didn’t have time to reach. There you could meet representatives of brands, which are the company’s wholesalers. Also a huge number of their own brands were shown there and all that required quite a thick catalog.

The booth of Bior-Opt company (also the founder and organizer) was a brightly lit space filled with both Biorhythm Laboratory products and goods from other suppliers. There was something to see and try, including new items, which we will talk about later in a series of articles about the exhibition. Looking ahead I’ll say that we took a series of video interviews firstly from the founders of the exhibition so we will soon show you everything first hand.

At the booth of the newly created Picanto company (also the organizer of the exhibition) there were two brands that it will distribute. This is GlavSexMag and MyStim. We will learn about the plans of this company from an interview with its founder Andrei Lenz.

Satisfyer was the general sponsor of the exhibition for the second year in a row. Their booth was a sea of ​​light with 70 (seventy !!) new products that would hit the shelves before the end of this year. I can’t help but admire such an incredible success and suggest you wait for an interview with Irina Krämer where she talked about every new product coming in 2019.

A very bright booth located almost in the center of the exhibition pavilion attracted attention with its a red arch around which gathered representatives of brands who came into our sex shops via the wholesale company C-Market (SexMarket). There we noticed such brands as System Jo (and Dona), Shots and the brand new cosmetics High On Love. In the center of the exposition there was a rotating table with a unique novelty of 2019 - SnailVibe.

Kazanova 69 this year presented two booths at once – this was the company's booth itself, which was traditionally attended by representatives of the brands MyStim, Bathmate, Tenga, PipeDream and others and the booth called “Museum of IT” which was presented for the first time. Its exhibits told about the history of sex and everyone can see a working (!) 1000-years-old vibrator! There was also a coffee shop for adults. I would like to note some special cohesion of the employees of Kazanova 69 as it is simply impossible to miss. By the way on the eve of the exhibition the company held its own private b2b-event, which I was also lucky to attend.

Astkol-Alpha this year pleased us with the extended booth with new products from manufacturers that this company works with. Representatives of Svakom and Viotec brands, who came especially to the exhibition, worked at the stand. If the first of them has long been familiar to lovers of sex toys, then the second is a find of 2019. Let me remind you that Viotec vibrators have a special touch panel that allows you to control the strength and vibration pattern as it is smartphones – you simply swipe in a given direction.

The booth of the wholesale company X-Market presented love swings with a sex doll in them and a lot of new products from their own brands and the book "Sex Education" which we wrote about earlier. See the details in our video interview.

I would like to note, as always, a bright booth from the Pink Rabbit. Lovely “rabbits” walked around the exhibition, and on the stand there was a win-win lottery with very pleasant prizes in the form of toys and linen.

Also, gifts were given out at the G-Vibe stand, decorated in its usual bright red style. In addition to the already well-known and beloved toys, they presented a novelty, G-Candy in an uncommon twisted shape. Wait for a test drive!

Inspirit Company and the Lola Toys brand both showed their already well-known collections and novelties which we will tell about separately, or rather we will show it all to you in a video interview.

The «Supplier of Happiness» this time presented its new venture - the wholesale supply of ordinary underwear. This will also be a separate publication with video interviews.

It is next to impossible to cover all the exhibitors in one review, so we will talk about the rest of the new and famous companies gradually. I want to note that absolutely everyone noted that the exhibition became larger, there were a lot of visitors, on the first day people outside formed a queue which did not dissipate for a long time. The seminar program was also very rich.

A lot of interesting things happened on the main stage, but two events left a special impression. The first was the performance of Maxim Kalahari, who demonstrated a bondage action with suspension of the model (Alina Shikut). This was an absolutely incredible and sensual show where everything happened live and for real. It seems to me that the audience even breathed together with the participants of the action. It was beautiful and attractive. Dear organizers, please invite Maxim again! The second bright show, completely different, was the fashion show of models in underwear, organized by the «Supplier of Happiness». Spectacular, beautiful and gentle. 

I cannot but mention one more event - the presentation of the Sign magazine which is now published in Russian. And at the end of the second day there was a great German-style party: beer, sausages, a bright show and dancing!

Personally I want to thank everyone who helped me work at the booth, everyone who asked questions about our portal, participated in our activities, those who after that registered on the site and created their company cards, to everyone who cares! This was an amazing live communication, causing a desire to work for you even more!

I will separately note a moment that may have gone unnoticed, but it is important for us and for all participants. Our website previously announced that at EroExpo 2020 there will be a prize competition! Currently, three nominations are planned. I will tell you more about them and the mechanism for identifying winners in the nearest future.

Thanks for the show!