The interview with Lee Joo Rak, the founder of KOKOS

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The most popular product of the brand KOKOS is the range of penis nozzles, with creative nodes on their surface, as well as realistic masturbators and the recently launched range of vibrators. Here, on Thaifest-2019, this well-known brand was represented by Lee Joo Rak, the founder, together with his spouse, and Mirye Yoon, his assistant.


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Tell me about yourself, please. Who did you come into this industry?

I was in elementary school when my teacher told me I should become a scientist as my imagination was really wild and I should aim at developing things, making up something. And when I was 20-25 years old, I was working as an engineer in a garage, I was repairing cars. I learnt a lot there, I studied the equipment and its structure and then I decided it was time to set up my own business. Naturally, I began thinking about what to do, whether I should make ships, cars or anything else. I realized I was really interested in the adult industry. Some people told me that kind of industry fitted me well.  

Tell me about your enterprise as a sex toy manufacturer. How did you start developing?

We have been doing business for about 15 years now. We started with vibrators, but Chinese companies are very keen on copying other companies’ products. We discovered there were many copies of our vibrators, so I decided that we should look into male items- products for male masturbation. Nowadays, we make goods for both European and American companies, they are very committed, they keep their word better than our previous partners, it is nice to work with them. We only make the product for them, and they, in their turn, are to attach their own labels.

How do your friends and relatives see your job?

They tell me this is a good job for me, it fits me a lot. Basically, I control all the things and my wife helps me.

What is your position within the company?

I am the founder, the owner and the staff- 3 in 1.

Do you personally use your products?

Of course, I do. Sometimes I use the products for testing, in case there are some problems or discontent from our customers and there is a need to modify or improve.

What is there in your nearest plans?

I have got more than a hundred ideas to be developed in future, I won’t disclose the details so far.

What would you say to your Russian customers?

I have well-established relations with a number of companies based in Russia. Russia was one of our first target markets, I feel good here and I wish all the best to our clients. And I definitely want to keep our warm relationship going, with this country and the clients from Russia.