The first day of the EroExpo is over

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The exhibition is officially open. Its work started at the companies' stands, with the warm meetings among the colleagues, and their mutual interest in the new useful contacts.


The vivid colors, the loud music and the chatter are filling the exhibition's space. After diving into this environment, one feels like a party. So, let's look around, let's take a glance at everybody who is present. The lingerie, the suits, the dildos and vibrators, all-sized and any-colored, are everywhere.

It is always loud and lively at the stand of Kazanova 69, next to the central stage. A number of agents from several companies-Kiiroo, We-vibe, Bathmate-are working here together. Next, on the stand of Inspirit, a masturbator, in form of a female mouth is presented. The anatomic details are really impressive, and the erection rings, installed inside the mouth, are so resilient, that they are responsive to any touch. Keeping our fantasy from running wild, we proceed.

Here is the company Lovestore, with its stand. There are magic bottles with something colorful inside. The content is edible, still this is a lubricant, so the item’s perfect quality is demanded twice as much as usual.

Everybody is invited for the official inauguration of the exhibition, with some brief speeches, delivered by the agents from the companies who organized the event, (Andrej, Bior-Opt and Fun Factory). Now, the red tape is broken.

The hall on the second floor is where the seminars are beginning. They are opened by the flamboyant Madam Lotta, who is sharing her business experience and giving recommendations to sex shop’s owners and their sellers. Then here comes the presentation of Dmitriy Korobitsyn (Postavschik schastya/Supplier of Happiness*) about the new product of his company, which will make it possible to integrate offline and online stores of the same company into a universal solution.

The exposition is on, without a moment of silence. Its main feature, distinguishing it from many other events, is the participants’ interest, their active involvement into the processes. There are discussions everywhere, both present and future partnerships are being dealt. At the stand of Astkol-Alfa, the guests are offered an application form for taking part in a drawing, where the prize is a tourist package for the coming Thai Fest.

At the yellow Mustang, by the stand of Postavschik Schastya, the guests, eager to take photos with the car in the background, are crowded. The champagne is flowing endlessly.

Meanwhile, in the conference hall the lecturing is on. Kazemir Pashkevitch (Biorhythm Laboratory) is telling an interesting story of the company, seasoning his story with unparalleled cases from its practice. The seminar’s topics vary greatly, some of them are evoking the audience’s live interest. The presentation by Maksim Kalakhari about the Japanese string bondage, shibari and kinbaku, is constantly interrupted by questions and jokes from the hall. Maksim is reacting quickly and, still, he manages to share the images and videos to exemplify his speech and to present the key tool of a bondage master-a properly prepared string. Afterwards, on the main stage, he is showing a number of ways to fix the bondage on a model.

At the end of the day full of impressions, everybody is invited to celebrate the 10th working anniversary of Fun Factory' branch, operating in Russia.