Steven Sav interviewed on Thaifest-2019

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At that time (June 2019) Steve was the ambassador of the company Pipedream. Currently, he is working for Evolved Novelties.


Russian version

Since everybody is familiar with your products, I would like to talk about you. How did you come into the adult care industry?

I started out in the late 1980s as an assistant buyer for the chain of Novelty Stores, in the USA. I always worked with Pipedream as their customer and in 2008 I set up my own business insourcing part of development and Pipedream asked me to come on board to handle sales for them.

What is your position with Pipedream?

I am now vice-president of sales.

What do your friends and relatives think of your job?

They think it is very funny. My mother loves it. My dad has always loved what I did, he respects my achievements. My wife supports me as she has to travel all over the world with me. My children grew up knowing what daddy did and the kind of products that I sell but they also know that my job is to make everybody happy. My circle of friends, they have all tried my products, so has my family. They enjoy it.

Do you use Pipedream’s products yourself? Any favorite goods?

King Cock is my favorite. The whole range.

You took part in Thaifest a few times, didn’t you? How can you estimate these events in progress?

I have been to Thaifest many times. I think that Thaifest, as an event, took a very big step ahead when it moved towards this type of format where all the manufacturers have private rooms and the customers can go from room to room. It is a much more intimate setting. Forty minutes is definitely enough time to work with the customers and I think that they like the small show rooms where they can have a coffee or some juice. It is a much easier environment to work in as it contributes to comfortable working process.

Do you enjoy your cooperation with ‘Astkol-Alfa’?

People from ‘Astkol’ have always been great supporters of Pipedream, they believe in our products, the sales team loves them, they always promote our new products, they always want to know what is the right approach for raising sales. And I am always there to teach them!

Are similar events held anywhere in the world? I mean the format.

ExpoMark is a similar event as well as Xbiz.

Would you like to say some words to your brand’s customers from Russia?

I just want to thank everybody for their support of Pipedream and all the brands, people are always willing to try something new and I really can’t ask for better support than that.