Steven Sav: impressions of ETO

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The ambassador highlighted some features that make this exhibition unique.


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Do you like this show? Is it your first time here?

It is very interesting here, I missed the ETO Show. And it is not my first time here. I have come for many years when the Show was small. Then it got big, then it got small again. Unfortunately, the show has gone for a couple of years and now I am happy it is back. I think this is a really unique event. It is hard to compare it to other events. This one is focused on just the UK market. In Germany, for example, you get people from all over Europe. In the USA, you get people from all over the world. Here, it is mostly the local market. UK only.

Here, at the exhibition, I am showing the following products: Inoffensive Lit, Sir Richard's Control, PD Exily and Fuck-me-silly-to-go.

Do you visit any of the exhibitions held in Russia?

I do. I am going to Thai Fest. I'll be there, in Georgia. And no Forus this year. Too many shows at the same time. I will probably be at EroExpo-2019.