Sex machine manufacturer from Holland

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This company’s stand was among the most agitation at the ETO show. A great number of sex machines were placed there and some dildos were making reciprocal movements, while part of the sex machines were even equipped with a vagina.


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Givano Cheong, the company’s ambassador, answered our questions.

Tell us about your company, please.

We are Hismith. We are from Holland, The Netherlands. We produce in China. We started in 2013. Now, the USA is our biggest market. So, two years ago we moved to Europe to try to take market there. Although we are in contact with some Russian companies, till now we don’t agency in Russia.

We sell all kinds of sex machines, very powerful fuck machines. We have a new system of up-wire control, API support, all things are possible. The machine can be used either by men or women, or both together, simultaneously. Our machines are very popular and very strong, we say we have the strongest machines. As you can feel, this machine is very heavy. The machine itself is of 11 kg, a lot of weight, you know. It has like 20 different functions, you can use it in all kind of ways. We hope to become the biggest sex machine manufacturer in Europe and Russia in few years.

Is it the first time you are showing your products at an exhibition?

It is our first time in the UK. But we took part in eroFame in October. And that was the first time we exhibited in Europe. The second time is now in the UK.

Nowadays, when the Brexit issue is coming, it has to do with making deals with the UK customers, those possible ones, so we ensured our machines’ presentation in the UK before the Brexit. If we compare this exhibition with Hannover, there were a lot of different buyers from other countries, and here I can see a lot of UK buyers, there also some people from other countries but great part are based in the UK. And this is the biggest difference between the two events, I think.

You are welcome to Russian exhibitions as well!

Ok, thank you very much, we want to come, yes!