Prize drawing and Yandex.Station

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You have already seen the photos of the promotion called “Faces of EroExpo-2018”. It is time we told you about the prize drawing.


Within two days the exhibition was open, we not only took photos of everything that happened and told everybody about our portal, we also distributed colorful fliers inviting people to take part in our photo project! The participants were asked to fill in a short form and take a photo of themselves on the territory of the hall the exhibition was held. There were many people actively joining our idea, and by the end of the second day there were few fliers left.

When the magic moment came, Sergey, the permanent speaker of the exhibition announced the beginning of the prize drawing for the participants to be held in ten minutes at the stand of And we found more people showing their interest in taking part! That proved to be a cheerful and the biggest fuss when the Chief-Editor started distributing the application forms among those longing hands and the photographers went crazy taking so many shots! Those who were late to get a form, were ready to put their data on ordinary paper or just throw their business cards into the sack!

Finally, all the forms, with no exclusion, are put inside a corporate pack of EroExpo, the main prize is ready, the audience is thrilled in anticipation, and we get it started! Oh, how sweet is the moment when you are passing your hand through those smooth identical sheets, then you select one, draw it out and announce the names of the winners!

At first, we made a drawing of three promotional interviews. The winners are to prepare a story about their business. The first who won was Yulya Vigeritch, a sole trader cooperating with the “Supplier of Happiness”. The second to be interviewed is Alexander from the “Beastly accessories”, the third is Dmitry from the company “Starvair”.

The person who won the biggest prize, a Yandex.Station, was Olga Orlikova, from the “Intim House”! She looked as if the prize had really lifted her mood! Oh, Olga, please, be careful! They say, Alice who lives inside the Station is quite the bully. She is always hearing things related with sex! Imagine what happens if she plays and stretches to full screen something like that! She needs good education!

Well, the event is worth a thousand words! Watch the video below to see how it all happened!