Orion: everything we do, we do it for you

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Julia and her colleague, Hauke Cristiansen came to Thaifest as representatives of a German company called Orion. And in a few days they will first conquer EroExpo.


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Russian customers are familiar with your products, so my first question is about you. How did you come into this business?

I used to work in a different sphere, managing automated equipment, helicopter fans and so on. I started getting bored with that technical experience and I felt like working with Russia within the sphere of cosmetics. It so happened that I was made an offer that was hard to resist. That was a company dealing in cosmetics on the erotic market.

Why did you switch to Orion, if I may ask?

I reached the limit of my professional development with the former company, while Orion is a company of larger scale. It employs 300 people at its Head Office, 700 people across Europe, has 200 stores and controls wholesale supplies of the brands that are known worldwide. This is a far more interesting job!

What do your close people think about your work in this sphere?

I was born in Russia, my parents had been brought up in the USSR. At the beginning, they were embarrassed at this idea and saw it negatively, but then I made them understand why this job is so good and the reasons why nobody should be ashamed of it. Every human being does it, and some information about sex can help to improve one's love life and even keep families from breaking up.

As for my generation, my friends that live in Germany think my job is totally ok, they are open-minded and they are happy that I am doing well.

This is not your first time on Thaifest, is it? Can you comment upon the festival’s development? Do you like the current event?

I am still surprised by Russian clients. The company "Astkol-Alfa" is not only our client, these people are my friends, they touched my soul. Whenever possible, I will come to Thaifest. "Astkol" is not the only friend of mine. We are friends with many Russian retailers and distributors and I will do my best to help them.

This is another reason why I joined Orion: I want to keep these relationships going. The clients are what I mostly like in my job, it is really hard to find such wonderful people within other spheres.

Would you mind if I ask you about the company's nearest plans regarding the launches?

We are going to significantly extend our coverage on Russian market. I joined the company to contribute to the company's progress in the Eastern European market and I strive to do my best.

Could you say some words to the Russian consumers of your products?

Everything we do, we do it for you. For our retail customers only. Regardless of your attitude towards our company, we will al