Obsessive - delicate lingerie

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Katarzyna Arkuszewska told us about the brand's products displayed on ETO.


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Tell me about your brand, please. 

Our brand is called Obsessive. It belongs to the company Amocarat SP. Z. O. O. We sell lingerie in three lines: Sexy, Spicy and Fun. We also make perfumes with pheromones, massage candles with oils in three fragrances that echo the lingerie ranges: Sexy, Spice and Fun. Here you can smell our fragrances. 

Sexy is the best one. 

Thank you for your opinion! 

You log in to www.obsessive.com and once you are registered, you can find any information you need about the brand. In Russia, we have exclusive distributors: Ekvator, Bikini Top and Lormax. You can touch the material, it is very soft. We also create a special line for the brides. 

Does your range include large sizes? 

We have a small part of collection dedicated to large sizes, but next year we are to introduce a line for big breast. So far, we have three sizes: S-M, L-XL and XXL. We have many styles. You can check our catalogue to find what we have, here we put new styles and the new collections. We are to have introduced part of this stuff till September. And we put the date of launch in front of every item. 

What's your brand's selling point? 

Every product is put in a packaging like this. When you open the box, you are supposed to feel as if you were opening a gift. So, you open the box, have a look inside and what is find is... Obsessive! Then, you find a presentation card with a name inside the box, thus you know there was a real person who had prepared the package with the product for you. 

We get little complaints because we have a quality-check system, we check everything twice. However, if something went wrong and a client tells us there had been a mistake, we recognize the fact and try to put things right immediately.