O-Products: Products for reaching orgasm

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Jopp Visser & Hans Spaans are answering our questions.


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Have you considered the idea of making partnership with Russian companies?

In Russia we have only two customers. So, the whole market is open for you, Russian businesses. 

In your opinion, what products could be of interest to the Russian partners?

We have a lot of original products, more than 700 products within the Pakistan range, for example, we develop our own brands and we are very strong in European market due to the good quality and good prices. And we have fast delivery times. You are asking for a product on Monday and you have it on Wednesday!

Is BDSM you specialty?

Our products are not meant for BDSM only, but also for gay and hetero customers. We have more than 4500 items, so, they are meant for the mass audience. It is not for BDSM exclusively.

Is it your first time here, at the ETO show?

Yes, it is my first time at ETO in Coventry. But the company has been an exhibitor at ETO in Birmingham. Thus, we have been at the exhibition six times.

What is the difference between the exhibition held in Birmingham and this show?

The show in Birmingham was much bigger. This is smaller. But it is ok: when it is smaller, it is busier. It seems busier, this is nice!

What are your aims here, at this show?

Buyers. A lot of customers. We are also here to maintain our relations with the customers that are already buying from us.

Do you plan to visit Russia?

I would really like to visit Russia because you have a very big market, it implies a lot of possibilities for cooperation with Russian partners. We are looking forward to it!