Novelties by WoW-group on ETO

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Elen Ten Brink was talking about the news of the merged companies.


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Tell me, please, what’s new in your company?

I’d like to start with the fact that in June, last year, Womanizer and We-Vibe merged, so, a new company was established in Berlin. Since then, we call us the WOW Tech Group.

This is the first time that Womanizer and We-Vibe have a booth here at ETO, it is certainly because we were not merged before last year. Now when ETO came back, we decided that this is a good moment to introduce our company to the UK market.

Congratulations! What sort of novelties have you prepared for the show?

During the show we are introducing Womanizer Duo, which is a dual stimulator, it has a vibrating G-spot arm and Pleasure Air technology for the clitoral stimulation. I can show you: this part is Pleasure Air technology and this part is the vibrating part.

The device has got Smart Silence. That means that if you turn it on and touch it, it starts working, and when you move your hand away, it stops. Now it works, and if you let go, it doesn’t work. This is Smart Silence technology. This is a product we had been looking forward to introducing to the market. It comes in two colors: in bordo and in black. It was introduced at the end of March.

Then, for We-Vibe, we have the Moxie. Moxie is a ‘panty vibe’. So, this is a vibrator you can put in your panty, use the magnets to hold it into position. It is a very strong vibrator. It is a fun toy, meant to be used by a girl, for the girl to use it and then go out and for her partner to use the remote control or the app to stimulation the vibrations.

Both the products, Duo and Moxie, are waterproof and I think they will be a big success. We’ve already heard a lot of people saying: ‘Oh, it is great! When is it coming?’