Manon Valee (Shunga) about ETO

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Manon shared her impressions of the exhibition and said Hello to both the Russian colleagues and the brand’s funs.


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Do you take part in this show with your own booth?

Right now I am in the booth of Creative Conceptions. They are our distributor for the UK. And we display the Shunga products here today. We mostly receive people from the UK but I think there are also foreign people here at the exhibition.

Where do you make your products?

The Shunga products are made in Montreal, we manufacture everything in Canada. Then they go from Canada to Paris and in Paris we distribute them all over the world.

Is it your first time at ETO?

It is my second time at the ETO show. The first time was four years ago and now that they redo the show I am here to help my costumers.

What is your impression of the present exhibition?

In comparison with the other events this one is smaller but we are closer to the customer. When we go to eroFame that is a huge exhibition, we are not as closer to the customer. This one is very good.

What are your plans for future?

Right now I can tell you I expect to have more customers, new ones, this morning I’ve already seen three of them. Let Shunga go wild! In the UK and throughout the world!

What would you like to say to your Russian colleagues?

See you soon at ThaiFest! *)

*) This interview was given in March, when Manon was going to take part in the event. We hope to see her in future events. (Editor note)