Live talk to Irina Krämer (Satisfyer) at ETO

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The ETO show is another exhibition where the company Satisfyer acted as the General Sponsor distributing generous prizes among the visitors. Irina Krämer told us about the company's advertising campaign, their novelties and plans.


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This is not the first exhibition where Satisfyer is the General Sponsor, by all appearances, you have been making a big advertising campaign. What can you tell us in this respect?  

Satisfyer was the General Sponsor at almost all recent exhibitions in Europe. In 2008 it was our first time at EroExpo in Russia and we did as the General Sponsor as well. We got very positive feedback from the visitors-the fact that helped us to announce our trademark as an independent brand. Our stand aroused great interest. 

Nowadays, among people there is a trend of coming around and saying: 'Satisfyer? I've heard of'. It means that Satisfyer is now associated with the general concept of a sex toy. People don't just say 'a vibrator' or 'a masturbator', instead they say 'I have a Satisfyer at home', 'I've bought a Satisfyer’. And everybody knows what it means. Considering the fact that we have always distributed good prizes at all the exhibitions, now we can see our customers coming with their longing eyes saying: 'You gave me that, I tried it and told my friend about it'. The information starts spreading immediately. It happens because one is likely to trust what their close friend or a mate says rather what an advertisement claims. In our case, such kind of investment pays off, following such advice people come to us in search of our products. 

I am not sure about other countries, but in Russia we have this specific mindset: if my friend tried something and said 'Wow', I will rush to buy it. And we must never trust the ads! They are not worth our confidence. It really works. 

Tell me about the products you are exhibiting here, please. 

Here we've got our newest items. There is still great interest towards Vibes, our range of seven bright vibrators. People are very fond of them. We've also got a new package that seems to be rather unusual for Satisfyer, it is emotional, bright and youthful. However, it is welcomed by our customers. Here we've brought our new beads, or the anal chains. 

This is our newest product, we've just launched it. We are currently at the pre-order stage. We are doing this to complete the plug range. Besides, on this exhibition, we are presenting our long-awaited luxury range that we didn't show on EroExpo. Here we are showing our lovely displays, our beautiful product with genuine leather, a deluxe toy. There is another fresh invention of ours-the Penis rings (erection rings). The ring has ten vibration modes, a battery and a magnetic charger-a usual detail for all the toys of the brand.

The biggest presentation of our novelties will take place in Shanghai. We plan to launch 20 toys more within a year, so we are going to surprise our customers monthly. 


Let's note that the greatest part of the brand's gifts has been tested to date, and we are going to share the results with you.