Linda Mc Lean: We thank our customers for the support

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We interviewed Shunga’s ambassador Linda Mc Lean during long-ago Thaifest. We publish the interview and remember hospitable Georgia.


Russian version

Your products are well-known in the Russian market. So, I want to ask you about your background. How did you come into this business?

I come from Home Parties. For 17 or 18 years I had been working for the top home-party company in Canada. I was one of the top sales people at that company. And then the company went bankrupt. So, when it happened, I jumped to Shunga. The reason why I ended up at Shunga is because Shunga was the main product line that we worked with. I knew it very well. So, I ended up in a good fit.

Is it your first time at an event with such format, like trainings, small audience, privacy?

No, it is not my first time at similar shows. We do many shows and customer events, I am not talking about big shows like eroFame. We are often invited to customer events similar to what ”Astkol-Alfa” is doing, some are larger, some are smaller, but they are about a hundred people, average.

Do you like Thaifest?

It is my first time here. But I love it. It was such a nice experience to have Tatyana as my translator, it was so thrilling for me to say what I had to say and have somebody being able to tell the customers exactly what I meant. It was nice. Everybody was so attentive, it was a great experience.

Would you like to say some words to ”Astkol-Alfa” and their people?

I want to thank ”Astkol-Alfa” for the opportunity and I should tell you that it is the translators that should be applauded because for us it is easy, we talk about our products all the time, it is our job. But for a translator, to repeat and have to think what the words is… And it is not their mother tongue, they did the hard work! We had it easy, they did the hard work. Hats off to them! They were tired.

Has your company scheduled any launches?

Every year we launch a new product. We make our launch in July, at the ANME show. Sometimes we launch a product at the eroFame show because that is when we need all our customers, like ”Astkol-Alfa” and other distributors. When we go to Europe, we are there to support our distributors, going there and launching a new product is exciting because we meet the customers over distributors, they always ask: ”Who do you shop from?“ And we tell them they will have the product soon. It makes a big buzz, it is very exciting for the consumer and it is already pre-sold for our distributor. Every year we launch something new.

Would you like to say some words to your end customers?

We thank them for the support, we are so happy to get positive feedback. And we thank the shop owners and their people as we feed from there. Their comments and experiences-that is what makes us better. A good review or a poor one-still it is good. We always encourage the customers to tell their experience, whether it is good or bad, because they are the people who are using our product, so if they are happy, it makes happy! So, we thank everybody for using and loving our products!

Did you like to work with people here?

Absolutely. Sometimes it was difficult for me because I said something and Tatyana began translating and I had to wait, I did not understand a word and I wondered what was going on. And then she gave me a tip that ”they said something good’ or ‘they said their experience was not 100% satisfactory”. But I had to wait for a while. During the whole conversation I had to wait. But it was all positive. I had such a great time! Really I did.

Thank you very much. Your products are amazing! Say hello to Manon! Best wishes to her!

Oh, yes! She was calling me while I was here and she told me: ”Make sure that they know that they are loved and that I send hugs and kisses to everybody”.

And I said: ”Yes, I will”.

Thank you!

I hope to see you again. I will look forward to seeing you at eroFame! It will be a nice surprise! Manon will be there too. When I see her, I will say that you are sending best wishes to her. She shall be thrilled. She loves her customers much, she is so passionate. It is her ”baby”, Shunga is her and she is Shunga.