Joe Nelson about Global Protection Corp.

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This is a special collection of size-selected condoms and related products.


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Tell me about your products, please.

We make 60 sizes of condom. Just measure the length and circumference, and then you’ll know which size of condom to use. We have different lengths: from small length to very long items, different width, circumference: from very narrow to very wide. This is the world’s largest condom [demonstrates], it is as large as a Pringle can, very large.

What are you aims?

We are looking for distribution in Russia. My friend, Jan, has a company, Adloran, so, I mean Jan Zenker from Adloran Ltd. They specialize in vegan condoms, lots of different types of condom, we are separate companies, and these are the ‘vegan certified’ condoms, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you can trust them.

Why is it so important to select the right condom size?

When the condom fits better, it feels better. When it feels better, men, especially, young men, are more likely to use the condom in the first place. The idea is very very simple: it is like a bra for women or shoe size for both sexes. The better something fits, the better it feels.

Are your condoms thick or thin?

Very thin. As thin as an ultrathin condom. 0,04 mm, something like that.

Extra lubricated. Non-flavored. They are the perfect size due to the possibility of choosing the length and the circumference. When a condom is the perfect size for your penis, it feels great! Not too tight, not too loose, not too short, not too long. Safe, comfortable. We have tremendous feedback from our customers who say this product has changed their sex life, they actually want to use the condom rather than need to be convinced to, it is good for everybody!

Do you export to the Russian market?

We have customers who come to us from Russia. They find our website. But it is very difficult to sell from UK to Russia at the moment. Because of the political issues. That’s why it is so important for us to find a local Russian distributor for our condoms.