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The head of the project "EroExpo", Alexander Zilberman, has answered some questions of the website


How old is the exhibition?

The project was established in 2011

Will you, please, supply us with some statistics, year by year? How many visitors, pieces and participants from abroad took part?

We have got the statistics of the actual attendance since 2014. From 2011 to 2013-we have not collected any data.

 Year     Stands       Visitors
 2014     17    352
 2015     24    395 
 2016     22    450 (В2В) + 120 (В2С)
 2017     44    648 (В2В) +   87 (В2С)

As for the foreign participants, in the recent years, they have been only one or two. This year we have hosted 10 companies- from Germany, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Is the membership changing? Is there a prevalence of manufacturers, foreign companies or any other trend over the years? 

The foreign companies are basically represented by their manufacturers, and the membership of the Russian firms has always been mixed, including trade mark manufacturers and distributors.

What are your plans for future? 

Of course, we are going to develop the project in order to raise the number of both participants and visitors. For this purpose, a new pavilion has been already rented, it will be used exclusively for our project' needs (no mates in the same workspace). The building's area allows us to extend the exhibition by 30%. 

Are you planning to develop the conference component? 

As for the number of seminars, the timetable is pretty full, we have completed Friday and Saturday's working hours, except for the morning period, when there are no visitors yet. The topics and the quality of the seminars are still under discussion, so we are waiting for tips from our audience. In any case, we mostly address professional listeners, as this knowledge may enhance their working performance. We could also add a few master classes to the theory, and make them available at the participants' stands, or show them on the stage. The first time we did it, was after the seminar on the bondage art, shibari, had been finished, and the lecturer, Maksim Kalakhari, gave a master class on our pavilion's stage. 

What type of activities have been developed during the year since the latest exhibition?

Before the exhibition campaign started in May-April, we published some articles about our participants, the industry's novelties and our distributors' trade promotion events.

Does your plan include any communication to the last year's participants before the next exhibition?

By tradition, we are going to be in touch with our participants and we are glad to receive their feedback and to put their suggestions into practice in the following year. 

Are you in touch with any foreign exhibitions' agents?

As an exhibition event company, we have been invited to take part in Asia Adult Expo 2017, with a stand free of charge, this year, but, in exchange, we were to provide a free stand for them at our exposition. To date, our founders do not want to make EroExpo available for every company from Asia, so they decided to limit the quota of manufacturers to nearly 10. For this reason, there is no sense for us to have our project additionally promoted in Hong Kong, nor to exchange exhibition grounds with them.

Please, share your own impressions with some words! 

It is always great to see how the project, invested in and concerned about, is growing and turns more interesting and useful for both participants and guests. I myself am very pleased, since the exhibition has grown twice as for the number of participants, and has expanded almost 1.5 as for the amount of guests. I hope the project is going to develop further, along with the whole industry of goods for adults. 

Good luck and best regards to all of you!

See you at EroExpo-2018!

Many thanks to Dmitriy Alekseev from the Softland group for the shared photos!