ETO show: Jonathan Kirk's summary

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A sequence of live interviews our Chief Editor took at the exhibition is opened with a talk to its organizer.


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What year the first ETO was held?

The first ETO took place in 2004.

How many exhibitors and visitors attended the show in the previous years? And this year? 

We usually have anywhere between 35 to 55 exhibitors. In terms of visitors- somewhere between 750 to 1000, average. This year, we've got 46 exhibitors and we'll probably have somewhere around 750 visitors.

What's new about this year's show?

What's happening this year… I think, obviously, in the UK we have the Brexit issue (of leaving EU), we seem to have a lot more European exhibitors. There is more European exhibitors this year than there are exhibitors from the UK. But I think that's because they want to meet with the UK guys and discuss terms of what is maybe gonna happen after Brexit and how they can trade together. 

Is there any Russian participants except for me?

No, we don't really have many Russian participants. I know there are Russian shows, however I have never visited them, perhaps, I should do. I am sure that some Russian companies may want to deal with retailers in the UK. So maybe that's somewhere for the next year I can look to target. 

It will be a good idea! Tell me about your plans for future, please. 

Well, because we've had two years when we haven't run the show, I am glad the show has been successful, there have been many participants and the visiting rates are good as well. It tells me that there's a future, good foundation and an appetite for retailers, they want to come and see exhibitors face to face and look at their products to decide what goods they would like to stock in their shops. Certainly, next year we will look to build on this year's success. Hopefully, we'll have a slightly bigger hall with more exhibitors and maybe some of the Russian exhibitors can come and join us next year.

I've asked many people on the exhibition, all of them say it is very nice and cozy here.

Yes, I think that's because of the hall that it's in, it is quite compact and the ceiling is not too high, it creates a nice atmosphere, so, yes,  "warm and cozy" is a nice explanation.

And some words about your own impressions of this show, please.

Well, I think it has been very successful. As I said earlier, it is difficult after two years of not running the show, we didn't know what to expect. So, I think we've been pleasantly surprised with the reaction from both visitors and exhibitors. 

Thank you! 

Ok, thanks, Marina!