More than 6 thousand participants visited “Erotic Expo”

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The success of the specialized exhibition “Erotic Expo” surpassed all the expectations of its organizers – more than six thousand visitors from all over the world visited the online stands of the participants and networking sessions.


Russian version

Let us remember that Andrey.Business For Adults has been gathering representatives of the adult goods industry in Tyumen for several years, but this year it was decided to move all exhibition activities to the online format due to the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the organizers of the exhibition, they “decided to go online because there was interest from potential participants. Although, of course, there was a certain risk – technically, organizationally, since this is the first such event which went entirely in online format. But everything was at the highest level and the risk, judging by the reviews, was fully justified”.

The organizers invited federal experts with an impressive portfolio as speakers. For three days, they willingly shared with the participants of the exhibition's business program their experience of effective business management, promotion and merchandising techniques in relation to the specifics of the business.

Also, during all three days of the exhibition, virtual meetings were held with the participation of suppliers and major world manufacturers such as Shunga (Canada), HOT (Austria), Bathmate (Great Britain), Satisfyer (Germany), ToyFa (Russia), Adrien Lastic (Spain), MyStim (Germany), etc. The exhibitors had a unique opportunity to ask them about brands and to hear practical advice on sales.

The undoubted respect of all the participants won a virtual 3D tour of the exhibition hall – one could “walk” through it with the effect of full presence and get acquainted with all the hits and novelties of the adult market today.

The experience of holding the exhibition in an online format, according to the organizers, turned out to be successful and it will certainly be taken into account in the future.

And here is what Sergey Ivanov, the owner of LoveMachines, said about the exhibition (we publish the full review with the consent of the author – Ed.)

I waited a week after Erotic Expo 2020 so that emotions would calm down and so that I could look again at everything that happened with fresh eyes.

The exhibition was held online for the first time due to the pandemic. There were suspicions that everything would be boring and useless in terms of new knowledge. I will not hide the fact that my expectations were the same as the quality of Zoom online teaching for schoolchildren is much to be desired.

But what was happening from 2 to 4 December was fantastic!

It was evident that the young team was a little worried, but this only added to the charm, they did well, everything went fine.

The selection of speakers was very high quality. I saw in the chats the initial reaction to new unfamiliar speakers who were outside of our sphere, but then the chat died down and exploded with questions, subsequent admiration and gratitude for the speech! You had to be there, no words can describe it!

I believe that the right decision it was to invite not only representatives of brands of intimate goods, but also specialists who can help all of us to make our stores brighter, more beautiful, more disciplined. And the techniques of some speakers will help us change the attitude of the population of the whole country towards our industry for the better. Which will certainly make both customers and business teams happier.

There was even a thought that such an online exhibition format surpasses a traditional offline exhibition in terms of impact and usefulness. After all, now we were able to take more than 20 of our employees to the exhibition. They received a huge amount of interesting information, useful in sales and important in understanding the psychology of the buyer.

As a result of the exhibition, the workspaces of stores are already being redrawn, regulations for employees and checklists for managers are being written. For a week now, there has been a steady growth in proceeds, the sellers' eyes are burning, they are eager to get this new knowledge into practice! The whole company received a motivating charge!

My personal opinion. Andrey has once again proved to the whole market that it is the No. 1 supplier in the Russian Federation. The most interested in the development of its partners, the most customer-oriented brand. For 18 years on the market, I do not remember a single supplier who would show so much attention to organizing events, to the comfort of their partner-clients.

The past Erotic Expo 2020 is perhaps the brightest event in 2020 in our industry.

I would like to thank Andrey for those productive and positive 3 days and for strong long-term cooperation! Prosperity to all of us!