EroFame through the eyes of Astkol-Alfa

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Marina Pavlova, the Deputy Marketing Director-General of "Astkol-Alfa" LLC, shared her impressions caused by the European exhibition and her plans for EroExpo.


Is that the first time when your company takes part in eroFame?

Since the exhibition was established, we have been at the event for more than once, as visitors. We used to visit Venus that is still held in Berlin. By the way, several times there was a stand where our own products were represented. However, some of the companies found themselves unsatisfied with this event's format, and a new presentation appeared, so we have got eroFame. Since then, we have been visiting it as guests, without our own stand. The exhibition is an opportunity to meet all the partners once again, to discuss some nuances of our relations. It seems that everything can be discussed in written form or by Skype, still tête-à-tête communication is very important, for this sake we go to eroFame. Besides, we try to find something new there, of course, but, to date, we have not always succeeded in it.

Have you found anything new this year?

In our opinion, there is no big revolution within the sex toys area at the moment. “Womanizer” really made a revolution once, but then, things go almost the same way as before. Well, yes, some new shapes and ideas do appear. But we can't say any shocking stuff has been launched recently. This is our point of view.

You have been visiting eroFame for many years. Have you noted any difference between this year's exhibition and that of the previous years?

Yes, the exhibition still exists, the very fact is a good sign.

When it just appeared, during the first years, it took some time to set up a good structure, so Venus used to be considered a more important event. Then, people started visiting eroFame, and nowadays, many manufacturers go to visit both events. At Venus they talk to the end customer (this is a b2c kind of event), while at eroFame the atmosphere is more business-like (it follows the b2b format), this is about the relations with distributors. The participants are numerous. This exhibition is worth being held, it is rather effective, people do need it.

One of the companies is continuously publishing some information about their participation in both Venus and eroFame, I am talking about "Svakom".

Yes, both exhibitions are visited by “Svakom”, and “MyStim” who has even been awarded at Venus this year, as "the best manufacturer of the year", I guess. But such company as Lelo no longer visits eroFame, they have moved to the end-customer market, according to their policy.

Whom of your Russian colleagues have you met?

Many of them. Still, I think, last year there were more Russian mates than this year. We have naturally met all the distributors working on the Russian market. We have been happy for our colleagues from "Inspirit Company" and "Le Frivole", as they have got their own stands. It is not the first year the company “Andrey” from Tyumen' has got a stand. It helps to make sure that everything is working and developing. People who strive to work, step forward! We have seen part of the clients who try to become wholesale companies too, if not for the whole market, but for their own stores or chains. Anyway, we meet our mates and communicate in a warm and adequate way. It corresponds to the general attitude of "Astkol", we never avoid communicating to people, we keep away from any possible disputes.

Whose stands have you considered to be the most impressive this year?

Well, I won't say there has been something you look at and get impressed at once. "Baile"-good job, they have brought a great number of novelties, but they have always done good job. I believe that as for the number of novelties, no brand can compete with them.

As an individual, a private person, I was greatly impressed with a new model by "Womanizer". They make good-quality stuff.

A very beautiful stand was that of "Svakom", they work on their goods display, offer a variety of merchandising products and ideas for pushing them in the stores, for example, the idea of a store within a store when they shape a specific display of goods. To fulfill it, they hand out a great number of posters and share ideas about how to arrange it all properly. It looks lovely.

What kind of events has been held as part of the exhibition work? Have you enjoyed anything? Perhaps, something may be borrowed to be   used at our exhibitions?

To be honest, everything has been quite ordinary. There was a stand (that is a company we don't work with, it is a regional European wholesale), they were dressed all so cute, in a local Bavarian style, a good creative approach. "Womanizer" who has recently merged with "We-Vibe", established a prize drawing. The same thing has been organized by the brand called "Satisfyer". But, as we've got a very busy schedule, we can’t always be witnesses to such events, we have meetings and more meetings to make them all in three days.

As for something extraordinary and new, it has been a failure. One can hold a great amount of quizzes and prize drawings but this is common practice. Still, there are many beautiful things, some lovely stands. One can feel this is a European, high-level exhibition: the levels of both stands and equipment are different from ours.

Have you made new contacts, new arrangements?

Yes, we have made some sort of, we are currently analyzing and considering some points, we want to expand our range. Such trips can never be useless, for sure. Even if there is no revolution, still one can find something interesting.

What are your plans for EroExpo? Last year, as far as I remember, the first prize was a free trip to Thai Fest. Have you got anything to please us this year?

This year, the headliner of our stand is the company "Svakom". Some very interesting presents will be given, in exchange for some effort, of course. There will be a small, light and obviously pleasant condition, everyone is able to fulfill. And, certainly, we are going to show a set of novelties we currently have at our warehouse and can offer to our clients right now. We are going to show our basic brands whom we are working with, the most interesting of their collections. All this is rather ordinary, though, but we try to be creative, we think it over and over, we hope that something should come to our mind, next year, probably.