EroExpo is back!

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We interviewed the project manager Alexander Zilberman, who gave us great news about EroExpo


Marina Chicheva worked on the interview

Russian version

Are we going to have an exhibition?

It depends on how circumstances would developed due to the pandemic. Since April last year we were ready to organize the exhibition and until the last moment we hoped that we would carry out the project at our traditional site at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, but they installed the medical pavilions, making it a hospital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, so is still occupied. At the end of March, the management of the exhibition center received a new letter fr om the Moscow government that the temporary hospital was to be extended until June 30. Though there is a high probability that the hospital will be abandoned by the end of this year, we decided not to take chances, especially since the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center began to transfer the projects to other sites. Finding a new location for October 2021 that would satisfy our specific requirements in terms of area size, transport accessibility and adequate cost was not easy, especially since there was a certain shortage of sites due to high demand for the autumn period. I already knew about this event space, I managed to visit a number of exhibitions there this year and the year before. To date, the management of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center has also held several events at this site, and the experience of building them guarantees us that when we engage them as contractors, everything will be organized accurately and reliably.

So, what is this place?

This place is called Main Stage, it is located next to the Third Transport Ring and in close proximity to metro stations: Volgogradsky Prospekt – (8-10 minutes walk), Dubrovka – (12-15 minutes walk) and Ugreshskaya MCC station . All three stations are located closer than the Sokolniki metro station in relation to the former exhibition center. Getting there by car it is even more convenient. The only difference is that parking is paid here (700 rubles per day). Also, the situation around is a little bothersome, since this is the territory of the former industrial plant, the reconstruction of which is still underway.

The site itself is quite large, about 4000 square meters, with high ceilings and only 4 supporting columns. You can be sure that there will be enough building space. Everyone will love the spacious lobby with a comfortable check-in area and a wardrobe for 5,000 rooms. There is a second floor above the foyer where we are planning to host a party, while the entrance to the main hall will be closed. The complex also has its own kitchen. Traditional dinners will be organized and a cafe will be open throughout the day.

What days will the exhibition be held?

Instead of the traditional Friday-Saturday-Sunday, this year will be Thursday-Friday-Saturday (Sunday was already taken for another event).

We will hold a buffet and a party on Friday, because on Saturday we need to empty the stands.

What about mounting the stands, how much time is allotted for it?

We will have two full days, we have written this in the contract. So, if someone has exclusive stands – no problems and additional payments for installation, as was the case at the last event. In terms of cost, accreditation of exclusive stands will be more loyal than that of Sokolniki. The installation of the stands is scheduled for October 12 and 13. For all Participants, the check-in begins the day before the opening of the exhibition at 12:00 on October 13.

Let's name the dates.

The exhibition itself will be held from 14 to 16 October 2021.

What about payment for stands?

In May, we traditionally have a grace month: everyone who signs an agreement and pays an advance will receive a 10% discount. We also have a discount for all participants of the previous exhibitions of 5% and a differentiated value of a square meter depending on the area of the stand.

What other surprises can this year bring?

Over the past year and a half of vacations, after the last exhibition, we have received many new requests and applications from Russian and foreign manufacturers. At the same time, one must understand that the pandemic is not over yet and it is difficult to make any forecast on the number of foreign participants and guests. We will definitely return to this topic in the middle of summer.

When and wh ere will the specifics of the terms of participation in the exhibition appear?

All information can already be found on the website in the Participants section.

Visitor registration will open two months before the start of the exhibition, as we will inform you in advance. We will regularly inform about the course of the exhibition campaign, and each new Participant has the opportunity to post an article on the website about his business, and this will give our audience an opportunity to learn about new market players in advance.

Thanks for the interview and good luck. We all really want the exhibition to take place!