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Richie Bowles told us about the brands, adult game manufacturing and wholesale trade.


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Is your company a manufacturer or a distributor?

We are manufacturers and a distribution company. We manufacture games and also condoms-the Skins. So, we are manufacturers but also we distribute as well- across Europe and everywhere.

The Skins range is one of our key products. And Skins brand which is actually Skins Sexual Health includes Skins lubricants and condoms. We have a better price for customers, for trade people.

Are you interested in Russian market?

We are not working with Russian companies, not yet. We haven’t got a distribution company over there. But we are definitely interested.

What’s your opinion about this show?

This event has been good for us, it has been ok. You never know until you get back home how good it has been, until you stop and do the orders and things like that. I think it could be ok. And it has been actually better than I thought.

We expect to see some old friends, this is part of the thing. We see some old friends here, that’s great, and some companies we sell and normally distribute to. That’s really good. They can understand what we do and see the new products. We expect to get new customers as well: distributors, retailers across Europe-those we haven’t dealt with before.

Where are your products made?

We manufacture a lot of products in China, we can do the pricing from China for our customers, so they could buy directly from the factory. And if we have a deal with them, we can do a price directly from China and send the products straightway to Russia or wherever they are located.

We do a lot of games. All these games are novelties. Monogamy is our game for partners. We sold millions of copies worldwide, in different languages. So, we are looking for distribution companies to work with our games. Russia is one of the countries we’d be interested to work with as a distributor who would be interested in Monogamy as a game. We can make translation into Russian and the Russian distributor can buy directly from China. Your readers will possibly get interested in our games thanks to this information!