Christoph Hofmann, the most electric coach on Thaifest

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The company MyStim, founded by him, is famous for the toys incorporating electro stimulation. Christoph told us his life, personal and professional, shared some information about the toys and gave tips for the safe use of electricity.


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How did you come into this business?

Oh, it was long time ago. I used to work for my parents’ company, they had a medical company. We sold nerve stimulators similar to what I have right now for MyStim. We found out that this kind of stimulators we sold were also used in the adult industry. I was in my late twenties and for me it was pretty interesting. I was searching on the Internet and I discovered there was a big exhibition in Berlin, I went to the show, it was Venus show in the past. That was the way I came into this industry.

When it comes to electro stimulation, one wonders about safety. How safe is it?

First of all, people tend to think that electro sex is more or less the same as the electricity we use in our houses. But it is not. It is totally different. When you start with electro sex, in my opinion, people should always start at a low level-that is what I tell my people in the trainings: ‘Start on a low level, give the customers a comfortable way to test it. In this way, they find out this is a nice stimulation, it does not hurt, it does not hit them or whatever. Then go up, a little bit, in small steps. If people want to have more, have high power, they can do that but most people want to have this nice stimulation. And if you do it in this way, a lot of people do like electro sex’. It has something to do with education.

But still, what kind of inconveniences can happen?

When you do it right, to be honest-nothing. When I added to my own experience with electro sex the experiences of my parents, we got a total experience of almost forty years. And no problem at all. There are some tips. For example, you should not use it on your head, the neck area, you should be careful when you have a pacemaker and when you use it on your nipples-close to your heart. However, when you have a pacemaker and you use electro stimulation on your penis of your vagina, it is ok, no problem. You have to be a little bit careful. This information can be found in our operational manual, there is a short description of what you should not do. I think, it is similar to when you drive a car. To drive a car is very safe, isn’t it? But when you drive the car very fast against a wall, then you have a problem.

How many times did you take part in Thaifest? Can you share some impressions about the former events, please?

My personal first time on Thaifest was in Moscow, two years ago. I did the Moscow Thaifest, I did Eilat, in Israel, I did it now, in Batumi. But MyStim took part in the event in Thailand, but it was my Sales Manager.

First, I’d like to share my impressions as for the event. In my opinion, Thaifest is not only an event for ‘Astkol’, it is for the whole Russian market. I can see a lot of interest in my toys and what is really good is that there are a lot of people coming in: people who have been here and the new visitors also. This mix is very good. And I would say all the big players of the Russian market are here, on the Thaifest.  As for the organization made by ‘Astkol’, I would say it is perfect. When you see how much work it is: to find a good location, have a hotel like this, for a hundred people, plus the vendors, plus the rest of the participants, all the organization you need-flights, food, transportation-it is unbelievable work! And I think what they did is perfect. And even more than that.

So, you feel good about your cooperation with ‘Astkol-Alfa’, don’t you?

I think that working with Leo, Tatyana, Marina and the rest of the team has always been very good. So, it is not only work, it is a little bit friendship now. We have known each other since years ago, there is mutual trust and we work very good together.

Do you take part in similar events?

Yes, I do. For example, I did the XBIZ show in the USA. It was similar-in the hotel’s rooms. We did ExpoMark also.

Could you say a couple of words to the Russian consumers of MyStim?

To all my Russian friends and customers I say: ‘Thank you very much for supporting me and my brand, my company and selling my toys and using them’. Honestly, I love to come to Russia. Russia is the only region around the world we have no sales manager because I want to do it by myself. I left all the regions like Europe, Germany, the USA, etc. to my sales people but Russia is my heart.

I hope you will be very happy with us in future, with our new toys, new developments, we do our best, we work very hard to support you and give the best goods to you, we strive to make the great ideas come true.

We are constantly working to improve our range, to make existing things better, on the other hand, we are searching for gaps in our ranges to fill in these gaps with new toys, like masturbators, for example, or other products. I am pretty sure we will have something new within the next six months, but let’s see.