Christoph Hofmann: Mystim on ETO show

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The booth of MyStim was located right at the entrance into the exhibition hall. The products were represented by Christoph Hofmann, the company’s director, a well-known person to those who took part in his various trainings.


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Is it your first time on ETO show?

No, it is not, we have been here years ago. Then we stepped out, the exhibition was closed for, I think, two years, and now we are back, ETO is back, we are very happy and excited to be here, open for the UK market, to show our new wonderful products, like the Cluster Buster, like a new masturbator OPUS E to the British market.

What’s the difference between this year’s exhibition and the previous ones?

What is new.. It is the new location, it is now at this Soccer stadium, or Rugby stadium, before it was in a big, huge exhibition center, directly at the airport. And this makes it cozier, everything is closer together, the hotel is in the same building, entertainment is in the same building-restaurants, bars, casinos, etc. it is much more comfortable now, yeah.

What are your expectations here at this ETO show?

For me, first of all, I want to see my customers, maybe, I hope I can get some new customers because we want to expand our business also in the UK like we do it in Russia, yeah, this is what we do. And we have lots of new products that we’d like to show to the public, to the new customers. As I said, we haven’t been here three or four years and now we want to come back and show everything-a lot of new stuff! MyStim has changed!

Do you want to say some words to your Russian colleagues?

Say hello and give my best wishes to them! See you at ThaiFest! I will be there, in Georgia! I have to go there, definitely. In Georgia it will be nice! See you later! Have a good show!