A Spanish brand, Secret Play, at ETO show

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Yasmina Martínez, the brand's ambassador, is talking about their products.


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We are a Spanish brand called "Secret Play". We are based in Valencia. We are specialised in cosmetics and games. We've got a few samples here: Triple X, that is a three-in-one effect gel: ice-cold, spicy and vibration. All in one. We've got also a lip gloss collection, with vibration. You can use it on your lips and when you do oral sex you can give the vibration to your partner. We've got some lubricants with six flavours. They can be used as body paint as well. We have some Brazilian balls, these are balls with oil inside. They get dissolved and release the oil, they are in six flavours and have different effects. One of the best is the vibratory Brazilian ball. It contains vibration. What else... We've got some bondage sets, plugs and games. Card games. 

Have you ever taken part in this particular show? 

No, we haven't. It is our first time here. We've been to Germany, at EroFame, which is bigger than this show. Although this one is small, it is quite good. There are many distributors, wholesalers, retailers. It is ok. 

We expect to do some business here, we are looking for a distributor for our products and we'll try to make some good business. Yesterday was a good day, today it is not as busy. But it is not bad, it is all right. We're getting in touch with good people. And we do some networking. 

We don't have any collaboration with the Russian companies at the moment. But we are open-minded to do some partnership in Russia. 

You are welcome to EroExpo, in Moscow, there will be a great number of distributors.  

Thank you for invitation. Hope to see you there!

2019, March