A Bulgarian company, Cupid Labs, on ETO show

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The Chief Editor of Sexshopers interviewed Adriyan Stoyanov & Plamen.


Читать по-русски

This name seems to be unfamiliar to the Russian market. Please, tell us about your company.

We are a Bulgarian company. We have a factory, the biggest in our region. We make products under our own brand, our private label. Makagra, for example. This is a gel for erection enhancement, a natural product, very effective. Dalaycin spray is our new product for prolonged intercourse. It is also natural. Another product of ours is called Cupidon pill. This is a special blend, 100% natural. We have a curious products that is an equivalent of Viagra but it is designed for women-Ladyagra, in form of pills. It is effective in every woman, a very good choice, with natural ingredients. And we have a lubricant called Orgasm Lady.

So, you have your signature’s products and your own manufacturing, don’t you?

We manufacture all our products ourselves, we make products for sexual use: cosmetics, supplements, liquids and perfumes with pheromones. We do private label all over Europe and the USA. I have already told you about our bestsellers. Cupidon is our recent product. And it has become a bestseller. Our supplements are very popular, this one is oral, it is called Makagra, most of our products are in the shape of a pill, you just eat it, it is very easy, you don’t need water.

Another interesting thing is the lady’s section. We have got a super hit-Orgasm Drops, this is a liquid aphrodisiac. It can be added to any drink and you drink it, it can be mixed with everything, whether this is an alcoholic drink or another sort of beverage.

Is it your first ETO show?

Yes, it is. The year before we were at Erotic UK, eroFame, Venus and many smaller shows, we’ve visited all shows!

Do you plan to introduce your products across Russia?

We have never taken part in any Russian show, but we’ve had this idea in mind. Bulgaria and Russia have been doing trade since ever. It would be nice to participate in EroExpo in October. Russian is a very attractive market, however, by now, we haven’t got a good partner for expanding our business across Russia. We have been looking for one big partner. Among the distributors we are familiar with the company called “Andrey”.

You are welcome to Ero-Expo-2019, if not as an exhibitor, then as a participant.

We’ll think it over, we’ll probable become an exhibitor!