Yandex.Direct is changing approach to advertising

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In April, the company is planning to modify the bet-forming interface and the pricing data in the API of Direct.


The system Yandex.Direct, a service for contextual ads' placement, whether search or topic-based, has announced a shift from managing the ad's positions on search to managing data transfer traffic. The company believes, every visitor should be shown what he or she is exactly interested in, and this is the most effective way to reach the advertising productivity. A significant rise of design layout options, ads placement and other settings of showing ads are planned. Once the advertising options are multiple, the interface change will be launched, that will make the process of participation in bidding more transparent and handy.

Alexey Ivanov, the Yandex' partner for advertising technique training, thinks that "such concepts as "specific placement" and "guaranteed showing" will become obsolete. You can already see different numbers of ads above the search results and advertising blocks in the middle of the seach delivery. At the beginning of the new year, Yandex will test and introduce dozens of advertising formats into the search".

With the updated interface, the customer will be able to see the price for the predicted volume of traffic instead of the price for the position, and instead of the showing's average position, the average volume of purchased traffic will be indicated. It will help to estimate the potential sales growth. The statistics, shown to a customer, will be also modified. Yandex promises to set prices based on the rule: "the better your advetising works, the cheaper it proves to attract audience".

For advertising purchasers who focuse on coverage and branding, the access threshold to such showings is to be set. The concept of template is being introduced, meaning a search result option. Its choice depends on the user and on the advertising topic. The system will show the most effective option. Some template options are now available to users.

Alexey Ivanov recommends that one should supply the ad with the maximum of optional elements which are already available at Direct. He also stresses that "search advertising management is becoming similar to network showing administration-the more formats and elements you use, the more your ads' potential coverage is".

Based on the news evidence of Yandex and the blog of Alexey Ivanov.