The issue's downside, or the customers' opinion

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The market players are unanimous in their opinion - the need to make videos is real! So, what is the customers' view?


We have started an inquiry among the active adult goods' consumers, people who show interest in novelties, buy sex toys and use them. The opinions do not coincide, sometimes, to the point of being opposite. Below, we are publishing the most typical ones.

So, the target group was shown some videos: a discussion on "Why do we need sex shops?" from, an educational video "How to satisfy a man with your hands?" from the Center of Sexual Education, Secrets, a video from the manufacturer of the G-Vibe vibrator and other similar videos. 

As a result, about 57% of the respondents said that watching such video is interesting, yet, in the majority of cases, it won't induce people to participate in a training course nor to buy anything in a sex shop. And about a half of the interviewees recognized that they had seen something new and were ready to use this knowledge in practice, or are, at least, likely to do it.

Below, you can see the opinions of those who took part in the inquiry.

*The actual attitude towards such videos, with no doubt, depends on the information supply. I would not seek for any such videos deliberately.

*Of no interest to me. They are always discussing some damn dull things. We go to a sex shop, my wife and me, only if there is a specific idea, and it is nonsense to go to training courses. Not much of the news in the videos, as we are aware of all this staff.

*The review videos of a particular product are not very interesting, but a training is where we sometimes take part. There is some new information, and something may be useful. The videos where the goods are imposed on the customer are not worth confidence, while those that "educate" are more trustworthy.

*A video, in general, is a good way to show a product in motion, so to speak. Well, in relative motion. As for the videos about the techniques of any sort, I don't trust them, neither like them.

*This sort of presentation seems rather strange to me, I mean, sometimes one can pick up useful fact, no more than that. As for me, the best solution for sex toys, would be similar to one I can't remember well much of, there was a series of videos, being a local artistic project, where girls were masturbating in front of the camera, with a single detail-the action was not shown (I can't remember the exact presentation). I mean, one can see a girl, her face, can hear her moаning and feeling hot, yet the scene looks decent, I mean, there is no classical pornography, in its common sense. Such kind of review would be of interest, the decency is not disrupted, but one can witness both the process and the result, at first hand. When we come for sex toys, the opinion of the girl at the counter, about a certain item, adds ten points to the probability of that item to be bought. And don't forget that, curiously, this opinion helps to decide whether this or that toy is suitable or nor.

*It is interesting at least. Every grown-up person understands, that an all-purpose solution cannot be found. Still, it does not mean that there is no use suggesting some working solutions to, at least, some people. You are to try, to test, if it works, so you are free to use it, if it doesn't, ok, let's continue searching. The sense of humour adds greately to a video's quality. Summarizing the above, I can say that making videos is ok, the videos should not be ignored. Their optimal duration is of about 2 or 3 minutes. For longer videos, there must be a "zest", some sort of humour or a certain story, if not, the spectator will not watch them.

*The videos are of great need. For showing the goods, there is no doubt. They allow to estimate the size and the way of usage faster than before. For me, for example, is essential to hear how loud the device is, the video can't show it clearly, yet, to a certain extent, it does. It is an important parameter, by the way! For training centres, a teaser video, a magnet can be made, to serve as the first part of the answer, and the complete information is only available at the training course.

*The opinion is the following. A generation, that is joining, or will join the big sex, is growing. This generation likes watching videos. They prefer this way of getting information. That is why such videos should be made, focusing on this young generation. As for me, I don't see them, neither will I in future. It is because I am used to getting information through reading or looking at pictures. For me, it is a faster way, with no idle talking.

We thank everybody who took part in the conversation on the videos!