The conversation on the videos goes on

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The "Inspirit Company" has shared their opinion about the use of videos.


The company's representatives believe, that the work on increasing loyalty and recognition of an item has gained serious support in the form of videomarketing.

Anna Diomina, the brand manager of the "Inspirit Company", the brand "Lola toys"

A-few-second watch of a video makes a good impression of both the product and the brand. The statistics of an American company, DMB Adobe, confirms that online customers, watching the sales videos, make purchases twice more often, compared to those who never watch them. And an investigation, made by the Invodo company, proved that after having watched the videos, it takes them less time to make their decision on the acquisition of an advertised item for more than 50% of the customers.

When we were thinking of creating promotion videos for a Russian intimate toys' brand, Lola toys, we decided to vote for those videos that raise the clients' awareness. Such videos let our customers see the toys "in operation", and get familiar to their basic characteristics. It allows people to assimilate the maximum of a product's functionality and virtues. Just let's take as an example those videos for a range of male masturbators, Satisfaction. One can clearly see such details as the inner relief and the installed rings, that create a feeling of a "narrow way in". In this video, we intended to show the precision the human anatomy is represented with, and thanks to this, the customer will enjoy the most realistic sensations while using the toy.

A certain type of our products needs another approach at the moment of making demo videos. For example, for advertising a collection of leather belts by Re-belts, and a bondage from the Bondage collection, we found a model who tested the accessory fixing it on her body. For this sort of pieces, we agreed to make two types of videos: the artistic and the introductory ones.

Every consumer will be able to find those videos that are the most appropriate and the most interesting for him or her. How to predict what sort of videos will be watched with more probability? It depends on a number of things, the customer's sex and age, for instance.

We are planning to make some videos for all ranges of the brand in future.