The secret of success

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On the birthday of the company ”Kazanova 69”, in Yekaterinburg, we had a talk with the brand’s partners in the hope of revealing the secret of the twenty-seven-year period of success of this wholesale market player.



Karen Nazaretyan, the client manager for Eastern Europe and the official ambassador of the company WOW Tech Group GmbH in Russia

We have been cooperating with “Kazanova 69” for more than two years. This brand seems to be an anchor on the market, there are few companies within our industry that are so professional, confident-someone we can trust completely. We are very strict about selecting a partner as we sell products of premium segment. Metaphorically speaking, a rare diamond deserves a proper setting. That’s why we opt for a partner who is able to share our vision. We do not only create and sell our products but we rather supply them with certain ideology. This philosophy implies promoting sexuality, raising awareness about sexuality, health and especially “sexual health”. Thus, “Kazanova 69” is good at illustrating the way this philosophy can be embraced in Russia.

Frank Kok, the director of sales for “Kiiroo”

We have multiple distributors for the Russian market including the company “Kazanova 69”. The company’s managers are a nice team! They are so enthusiastic about their work and they take what we do very serious. A lot of my distributors all over the world only move a bit from the left to the right. In “Kazanova”, all the staff people who work in the stores need to do an exam every year, not only about my brand but about all the brands. The knowledge in the company “Kazanova” is very high. The staff working in the stores is very well educated about all the brands you see there. That is very nice!

Hauke Christiansen, the manager of sales to the key-customers of “Orion”

We have been working with “Kazanova 69” for almost twenty years, they have been very professional, they do museums making their products more open for everybody. This is very clever. Many people have a very vague idea of our industry, a limited picture of our products. However, sex toys are looking very different nowadays. Therefore, the companies within our industry arrange trainings, educate their staff, this is essential, especially the safety issues. You do not necessarily need to come to a shop to see their goods as they are displayed at exhibitions where the customers can get information from sales people, take part in trainings. I think the work they are doing is the best job in Russia.

Oksana Bachinskaya, the head of the training center “Sex.RF”

One of our key trainings is called “Awakening of female orgasm” where we make active use of Womanizer, and we cooperate with “Kazanova 69” for its supply. And during the whole working period, I have never been rejected by this wholesaler: they are always on our side and work for our benefit. It is a pleasure to work with cultured people. Within the scope of our industry, culture actually involves ethics.

It is nice that in “Kazanova 69” they have a clear idea of how they should treat their customers, they are very responsive to their customer’s needs and they act in the most effective way. You know, that’s the thing about us: we can receive deliveries within specific time frames only-when the customers are absent. These time frames are extremely strict, still the guys manage to fall within these frames and deliver the goods to the day! It is as cool as worth learning from. It wouldn’t be a big thing if they worked with us exclusively but they are good enough to manage their logistics to guarantee on-time delivery for the rest of their clients-undoubtedly, they are flying sky-high!

Milena Kokareva, the director of the chain store “Erotic” and “Intim” in Kirov

We have been in the intimate goods industry for 26 years now. The first stores were opened in 1993, one year after sex shops appeared in Russia. We are one of the oldest market players. We have been cooperating with “Kazanova 69” since 1996. This company has unbeatable advantage: their retail work. Every time we come we watch them using innovations to make their store be viewed as a sex toy store and let it induce a really good traffic! Despite the difficulties they are facing in their business they are increasing the number of stores and apply some business formats that are unique: coffee shops, the museum-things that serve well for us to realize what the key drivers of growth are.

The guests of the event were interviewed by Ekaterina Nikolaeva.