Steven Sav: please stay safe and healthy

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We asked the ambassador of Evolved Novelties whether we should expect interruptions in the supply of their products, and how the company's offices and warehouses work in this situation.


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Are there delays in production and delivery?

There are no delays in our production or deliveries. We were already buying heavily to support our 2020 sales projections and this helped us start March in very good stock positions across all of our items.

Do you notice a decline in sales in your country? In the world? In Russia?

Unfortunately, yes, there has been a decline in sales all over the world. It’s affecting brick and mortar stores the most. Our customers who sell online are doing better, but they’re feeling the effects.

Have you transferred the office staff to remote work?

All of our staff including Accounting, Order Entry, the Creative and Sales Teams are all set up to work remotely and address any customer needs or issues. The Sales Team has always been traveling 2-3 weeks per month every year – we’re used to working remotely. But we miss seeing our customers.

Have you transferred warehouse employees to remote work?

Our warehouse staff have remained in place to receive containers and ship out orders both in the USA and the Netherlands.

Are you taking any special steps at the office? In the warehouse? In the working space?

With the office empty there are no issues. With regards to the warehouses, we’re taking steps to ensure the safety of our loyal employees.  We now have 2 shifts with less staff per shift.   The workspace between employees has been expanded to 3 meters and they get more safety breaks to clean their work stations as well as taking personal safety precautions.

Are you planning any efforts to support demand in your country? In the world? In Russia?

We have about 4.5 months’ worth of stock. With regards to our European warehouse, we have been shipping to them every 2 weeks to make sure they’re in a good stock position as well. We’ll be able to address the needs of our customers all over the world when they’re ready. Our fill rates have always been, and will remain, the best in the industry.


On a personal note, I would like to add that I’ve seen videos of empty streets in Moscow and St Petersburg. These two cities are my most favorite in the world and to see them lose their vibrant culture almost overnight breaks my heart. I’m looking forward to this ending soon. Please stay safe and healthy.