Spi-Wi application: the ways to improve your love life

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Eseniya Shamonina has lots of energy, it is amazing. Last summer she managed to open a new-format sex shop in the center of Moscow, launched an application for couples, an initiative, co-authored with her husband, and she also succeeded in a purely domestic project.


We have already published some information about "Spiele Willy and a jade rod", a sex shop that was officially opened on July, 18th. The shop's opening was followed by "Spi-Wi" application's launch meant for the couples that want to get acquainted with each other's sex preferences. The partners are to answer a number of questions about the new practices they would like to try. In case their wishes coincide, the application will inform them. If one of the partners said "Yes" and the other chose "No", their answers remain to be a secret. Besides, the application can give some advice and recommendation concerning the practices both partners are interested in.

Eseniya agreed to inform us on how the application had been created and told us about the ideas it takes to the users.

At the beginning, give me some basic information on the application, please.

Ok, I can tell you about the application's idea and where it came from.

I will say right away, this application is not my invention, but a joint project with Dmitry Voidakov, my husband. This proves to be a product of our collective work. It was born during a training course on digital products' creation and management we were attending, and we decided to set up this application as part of our homework. It was only an idea, at first, just homework. After that, we sat down to think it over and found it was a fantastic, useful thing for lots of people! A huge number of people can sign in their acquaintances and friends there. We realized, there are plenty of problems in the life of different couples, those who have been living together for a long time and those who are at the beginning of their relations. Frequently, these problems take place because people are not able to talk frankly to each other, so, the spark between them goes fading, that's why many couples fall apart. Sex is the basis of the relations between a man and a woman. There can't be any perfect match if the couple has got troublesome sex. We thought it would be nice to help those people to understand each other and hence let them feel happier. Yet when I was interviewed about the shop, I said that our ultimate goal was to provide people with happiness. The application's objective is the same-to make people happy. And, though this idea has already taken large sums of money, we have never meant to get any profit. It proves to be a sort of gift to the world community. Still, the application gives reference to our shop. It is like a promo, a pleasant detail, why not?

Are those application's tricks an exclusive invention of yours? Did you borrow any of the ideas you had seen in other similar applications?

When the idea was born, we thought someone might have invented similar product and we started seeking analogue things. We found an application, a paid one, it has English version only, and every additional set of questions is to be paid for, a dollar or two. So, this is a paid application, designed for raising funds exclusively. There, we borrowed nothing but some general ideas concerning the way it should look like. But we designed it all and wrote the texts by ourselves. Perhaps, they are not examples of high proficiency, neither I nor Dima is a professional designer, we have never dealt with applications, but I think it proved to be better than the original one.

It proved to be fantastic! Can you see how many people have downloaded the app and are using it nowadays? Have you got access to this kind of statistics?

Yes, I can see the figures, but they are too low, the users are our acquaintances only, as we are not currently pushing our application anywhere. It has to do with the fact that the Android version is not ready yet. We had two different programmers working for us, one on them was coding for iOS, the other-for Android. That's why we have neither advertised it nor discussed this topic with bloggers by now. The iPhone application is ready. The Android version needs more time, it can't be downloaded anywhere yet. When it is completely finished, it will appear. We do not pretend to let people feel disappointed with a version being somewhat raw.

Do you plan to update the application after a while? Perhaps, with new sets of questions or anything else?

We do. We will probably have it updated. We've got an idea of supplying more detailed advice and recommendation as for some specific issues. Then, we plan to add more practices, to have the texts' errors corrected and to have the text paraphrased and improved. In case it deals with our devices, we are going to share detailed recommendation about what is useful and what's the difference between the items. Talking about BDSM, for example, and the floggers, in particular, we are going to give advice on how to choose a nice piece. If one day we decide to set up an online sex shop, we will probably get the two projects interconnected. At the moment, we are completely against making Spiele-Willy an online store, as it is very hard to compete on price. I am sure, what we really want is to improve the content's quality, as for commercializing it (I don't mean people must pay, I am talking about the links), we need time to think it over. It is not easy to launch the shop and the application at once. However, as Dima and I are getting closely involved in both things, I believe, they are going to improve fast.

I've got a question regarding advice on sex toys and techniques. It seems to be your unique invention. Is it true? A variety of things are discussed on the Internet, but I have hardly ever seen similar recommendation.

We haven't made any detailed study within this area. There is an application which is sustainable and quite good, but it has no information of that sort. We spent a lot of time thinking it over, asking ourselves: what can make us feel good? Then, we set up focusing groups, held interviews, we did so much! What we did was not about taking any existing application in order to improve it-we undertook a several-month investigation. It may not be noticed, but it was conducted. Thus, the idea was created by us only.

I have seen nothing of what your application offers. I will be able to evaluate it when the Android version appears.

The application was not made for economic gain, so, we can't afford hiring those super-fast programmers. We only have to hope the Android version will be finished soon.

Tell me, please, what was the opening of Spiele-Willy like?

To a certain extent, the equipment' suppliers let us down and everything didn't look as nice as we wanted, but nowadays everything is ready. A great number of our friends took part in the opening ceremony. There were also many guests, who had heard about the event and came around. I think, it was a good start for the shop and now the sales dynamics is obvious. People come around, show their interest. We are absolutely conscious of what our current aim is. It is not about selling any specific goods (while it is also an objective of ours), but about getting people involved into this sphere. We are visited by those who have never been at sex shops and we are scattering the seed of love towards unusual sex toys and we are looking forward to see them coming back.

Thank you for both your positive energy and your magic ideas!

We are doing our best. It is you whom I should thank.