Sergey Ivanov (LoveMachines): impressions of eroFame

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Some time ago, one of the biggest exhibitions of the adult goods industry, eroFame, was over in Germany. We asked Russian participants and visitors to share their impressions. The company LoveMachines was the first to respond.

Sergey Ivanov, the director of "Amatus" company group, including "LoveMachines", the sex machines' manufacturer, answered our questions, shared some photos made at the exhibition and during a walk across Hannover and told us about his plans for EroExpo. Scroll through the slider and have a look at eroFame through Sergey's eyes. A first-person narration is offered next.

It was my first time at eroFame, a young yet famous exhibition, this time, as a visitor. Unfortunately, this year, at the exhibition, we couldn't see any new products and technologies able to explode the market. This means, the following year, the chances are to increase.

There were quite a lot of visitors and familiar faces from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It is a pleasure. To my mind, this fact means that a significant number of entrepreneurs are strongly interested in the warehouse novelties, they think about developing their business making both verbal and written commitments concerning their cooperation with foreign partners. These entrepreneurs are the industry leaders having the biggest chance of getting something more out of their work just because they are the first to dive into a topic and have a deeper view. Among the exhibitors, there was a stand representing "Toyfa" by a Russian company "Andrey", one of the adult industry flagships, another stand of "LeFrivole" headed by the ambitious and willful Andrey Nikolayenko and the guys representing the brand G-Vibe.

I was impressed by the stands decorated in a creative way and a good representation of their items offered by their active agents. I liked the stands of Scala, Orion, XR Brands, EDC, Fleshlight. I'd like to mention those small stands with their single representative showing their only item. They proved to be the bravest ones! They develop their own products trying to push them on to the international market. Well, they have chosen a challenging way to success, they are seldom taken seriously, this is an expensive enterprise and they simply fall on the margins. Still, it is nice work! They do believe in their product and they are making their way using their intellect!

As for the events, there was nothing fantastic at eroFame. The Octoberfest offering beer and appetizers was not well-organized. It was unusual to see something like that in Europe. What makes eroFame different from EroExpo, for example, is that we will can see more space, more exhibitors, yet we find less beautiful models and nothing about seminars or lectures. The exhibition’s key attraction is comprised of those nice, comfortable, informative and really working stands. As a whole, I believe that EroExpo is organized with better quality and it is more interesting for both work and entertainment.

Regarding the effectiveness of the trip, we signed four contracts for shipping to the RF, three of them are exclusive. We were offered an opportunity to distribute our products within Europe from two major industry players. We discussed the direction of expanding our cooperation with the present partners and obtained a more agreeable price list. We found a great number of new products that could be of interest in our country. And the contacts we made are numerous! The people within our industry are open, good-humored and easy-going.

I have already signed in as a visitor of EroExpo. I will be glad to see my colleagues, discuss the trends and problems our industry faces.