Novelties by Bathmate at big exhibitions

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Igor Gerasimov, the official ambassador of the company in Russia, shared his impressions, told us about the novelties the company had already presented to the public. He also mentioned the issue of the company products’ rebranding.


Was it the first time you took part in the eroFame exhibition?

No, it wasn’t. That was the second exhibition I took part in.

Did you company get a stand of its own?

Yes, we did. We got our own stand. This year, it has been twice bigger than last year, more than 10 meters. I was working on the stand together with other colleagues.

What was represented on the stand, any novelties?

Yes, we showed a novelty, we got a new device. This is a ring, called Hydro Vibe, equipped with two vibration bullets to be installed on the pump, on its external part, providing additional hydro-massage thanks to the bullets’ ability to let very strong vibration get to the penis through water. This know-how allows you to enhance the erection and activate blood circulation at the expense of a strong hydro-massage during the trainings with the pump.

Did you show this particular novelty at Ero-Expo-2018?

Sure, we did. We represented it to the Russian customers. The Hydro Vibe is already on sale, and judging by the first feedback, it is going to be a success.

You got your own stand at EroExpo too, didn’t you?

No, we didn’t. At this exhibition, by tradition, we work at the stand of our partner, Kazanova 69, a wholesale company. This year, Kerry, my colleague, has joined me.

Ok, let’s go back to eroFame. Did you meet many Russian colleagues there?

This year, there were fewer Russian mates that last year, actually. Instead, to our pleasure, many brands started engaging Russian-speaking agents. It means that world-wide brands have focused their attention on Russian-speaking clients; almost every stand had a person speaking Russian. There were fewer clients from Russia this time, but at our stand, the most active audience was made up of Ukrainian customers. We made many contacts. There were clients from Kazakhstan and we held useful negotiations with the Russian colleagues and clients also.

What has been your biggest impression this year?

The market of this year is different from what it used to be. The manufacturers used to fix their priorities on the items meant for women, I guess. This year, there have been more stands designed for male devices. New brands and distributors appear, and what they offer are male goods exclusively. I realize we are up-to-date as the majority of goods from our range are meant for men. It seems as if men were getting interested in the matter. Men from all over the world have been interested since long ago, but I hope this trend will reach Russia too, and in the nearest future, we will see more male devices emerging in Russia. But not to the detriment of the female ones!

Thank you! Have you made up any general impression of the exhibition?

They are doing well, steady, at high level. Both the atmosphere and the organizational work are nice.

Can you give some details about your participation in EroExpo, please?

We got all our range represented there, those were novelties we had presented last year: our Hydro Rocket, some vibration bullets called Vibe and the Hydro-Vibe that I mentioned earlier. We set up an interactive aquarium and the whole stuff just the way we did last year. There were many visitors coming closer to try the items on a dummy, listen to our advice given by Kerry in English and by me in Russian.

What you showed were those re-designed products, weren’t they?

Yes, we undertook certain rebranding and the distributors have already got our products in the new design, the whole range is fully updated. The customers will see our items in the new package. The whole range, including the novelties, is available for order, our distributors will be happy to deliver it.


The article published on the official website of Bathmate contains a note saying that the company got several important awards and presented some exciting novelties at eroFame. In particular, the company won the first prize in such nominations as Most Iconic Male Company and Best Male Enhancement Product.