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The Dutch company announces a name change


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After announcing the strategic partnership with Eropartner, the company now announced to have changed its name. According to EDC, the plans were already in place to change the name, but the launch was postponed due to the COVID-pandemic. “We planned to launch the new name during the eroFame Trade Convention last October, but when the show got canceled, we decided to postpone the launch. By now we are not sure if this year’s show will happen, so we decided to go ahead and launch the new name. We are ready for a new identity, eventhough we will remain the same company, with the same values. We felt like we have outgrown the name EDC Wholesale as it doesn’t cover everything we do, we have become so much more than a wholesaler.” Commented Eric Idema, CEO of ONE-DC.

With its international expansion, the company stated that the name ONE-DC fits the overseas ambitions as the name is pronounced similar in every country in the world. While EDC Wholesale has many different ways to be pronounced. “We were looking for a simple name, that sticks easily and that still links to our activities. With this name we are ready for the future, it all comes together as one. ONE-DC sounds similar to EDC, so we hope that this will make it easy for everyone to adopt the new name.” Said Idema.

Together with the new name, the company also launched a new and modernized platform. “We are extremely proud to have launched our new platform today.” Commented Lennard Honebecke, Head of Sales at ONE-DC. “We have been waiting for a long time to launch our new platform and today is finally the day. Although it’s not 100% ready, behind the scenes we will continue to improve and finalize the details. But customers can already benefit from a platform that is modernized and updated. The new platform offers a solid base for future development with further improvements and an optimized user experience, offering content and training which will reinforce the strategy of ONE-DC towards its customers.

Press release provided by the company EDC Wholesale (ONE DC).