Kazanova 69 at eroFame

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This time, the speaker asked to share his impressions was Ilya Ostanin, the director of the wholesale company Kazanova 69, located in Ekaterinburg.


It wasn’t our first time at eroFame exhibition, of course. We used to take part as visitors. The exhibition actually represents the present market structure: all the exhibitors bring their novelties, their best achievements. Right here, one can see some emerging trends, guess the direction the world market is going to follow and take part in the process of its construction. This time, the majority of new goods proved to be follow-ups of the existing ranges, no revolutionary ideas were found here. 

A good stand, in my opinion, is one that complies with the general idea of the company and echoes the message the company wants to transmit to people at the exhibition. This is something more than a nicely designed comfortable room. Once you come over such stand, you feel as if it were sharing a message with you. As we are also an exhibitor at EroExpo in Moscow, the requirements we put on our own stand are exactly the same, so, come around to see it!

At eroFame, I liked the stand of the company JoyDivision: made in blue, being spacious and simple. It reminds us of the accuracy that is so characteristic of German pharmacies. For a reason, their lubricants are considered to be medical-purpose products in Europe. 

As for the events held to accompany the exhibition's work, I think, our exhibitions are pretty filled with activities. We could rather share them with our foreign colleagues. 

As a result of working at eroFame, new contacts are now established. Regarding the agreements to be made with our partners, nowadays it is not necessary to wait for an exhibition to come to any of them.

The Russian adult toys industry is one of the youngest in the world, a newcomer, we may say. Our market is still under rapid development, and the present boundaries of this market are still far from the potential ones. Since the emergence of this market, Kazanova 69 has been developing it as for the quantity and also ideologically. We were the first to launch the term "health store”, we were those who created the first erotic museum and an adult cafe that is unique worldwide. 

When I come to eroFame, the biggest European exhibition of the 18+ industry, I can estimate our ideas, technologies and the working format and I find them highly innovative and demanded. The fact that I am representing our country as well as the company that is guiding the world market’s development, for me is a big joy and honor.